Easter: A Celebration of New Life

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In a special video message, Monsignor Kevin Sullivan, executive director of Catholic Charities New York, reflects on the significance of Easter as the central celebration of the Christian faith. It is this celebration of new life, he says, that is at the heart of the work of Catholic Charities, which brings the hope of new beginnings to those in our community who are suffering and in need of help.

An Easter Message from Catholic Charities New York
from Catholic Charities New York on Vimeo.

“Easter is the central feast of our Christian faith, and in a certain sense it really is what is at the essence of Catholic Charities, because it is about new life.

We work with people who tragically have experienced much suffering in their lives. But what we do at Catholic Charities is to say that there is hope, there is possibility of transformation, and as we celebrate Easter we have an incredible confirmation that even the most tragic suffering can be transformed in to new life – whether it be a family that is homeless, a family who is struggling from breakup, whether it is a child who tragically has been neglected or even abused.

Easter gives us great hope, and enables us to recommit ourselves to rebuilding the lives of those who come to Catholic Charities seeking help.”


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