Feeding the Hungry After Sandy: Emergency Food Distribution in NYC

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On Saturday, November 3rd, Catholic Charities Executive Director Monsignor Kevin Sullivan participated with Governor Andrew Cuomo and Senator Chuck Schumer in the loading and distribution of emergency food at a New York City Armory in Manhattan. Catholic Charities staff and volunteers from around the city, in collaboration with other non-profit organizations, handed out emergency food and water to those suffering continuing hardships caused by Hurricane Sandy. Catholic Charities made a concerted effort to visit every home in one of the hardest hit areas of Midland Beach on Staten Island.

As Margaret Purvis, CEO of the Food Bank For New York City, noted, some people still had no water as of yesterday, so this donation was vital.

“We cannot plan a future if we’re hungry today,” she said. “These resources are needed on the ground, and because of today, we’re going to get them out there.”

As the immediate crises of power and flooding are dealt with, Catholic Charities is responding to the ongoing human needs caused by Sandy – particularly on Staten Island and Lower Manhattan. The entire community continues to demonstrate the resilience New Yorkers are famous for, along with the willingness to help neighbors in need.

If you’d like to help New Yorkers affected by the storm, donate to recovery efforts at www.catholiccharitiesny.org/donate or sign up to volunteer at www.catholiccharitiesnyvolunteer.org

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2 Responses to “Feeding the Hungry After Sandy: Emergency Food Distribution in NYC”

  1. Vera Galeas says:

    We are a Religion Program in Chester, New YOrk, we are willing to adopt a parish and providee as much needs as possible. We want to drop off and bring warm food etc?
    please contact us
    914-265-0408 or email above

  2. Debbie says:

    I’m sure the storms back east have stirred up a lot of concern about food storage and emergency kits. I’m glad to see other charities and religious groups stepping up and helping. When this storm passes I hope people get a little more serious about getting prepared. I recommend first putting together a 72 hour kit and simple first aid kit. Then make sure you have ample amounts of water stored for one week. After that, then work on a 3 month supply of food. Remember to store what you eat. Make a plan for one year and work on one thing each month. This will make what seems like and overwhelming project easily accomplished.

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