Frightened by North Korea’s Torrent of Warlike Words Against the United States?

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 By Alice Kenny

Get first-hand insight into these dramatic threats on JustLove.

Listen as Catholic Charities Executive Director and Radio Host Msgr. Kevin Sullivan interviews  Hannah Song, President and CEO of Liberty in North Korea, a grassroots organization that rescues and helps North Korean refugees reach freedom while working to end the crises.

North Korea, Ms. Song tells Msgr. Sullivan, “is the most reclusive, oppressive nation in the world…people don’t know what a cell phone or the Internet is.”

Tune in now to hear the interview JustLove on The Catholic Channel 129, SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio.

“The reality,” Ms. Song says, “is we can’t predict what’s going to happen in North Korea nor can any other expert or academic.”

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