In the Aftermath of Disaster, Volunteers Step Forward to Provide Help and Create Hope

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By Alice Kenny

On Saturday, November 3, 2012, Catholic Charities Disaster Case Manager Dan Buzi led a team of 16 volunteers from Marist Campus Ministry to help a single pregnant mother recover after Hurricane Irene devastated her home last August.

While the client had enough resources to tear down the plaster walls that had been destroyed through water damage, she had run out of funding and was unable to remove the debris from the living room and dining rooms. Catholic Charities Community Services in Poughkeepsie used a grant from IBM to secure a 20 yard dumpster and the Marist volunteers cleared all of the demolition debris, the ruined rugs and the water-logged items in the basement.

Earlier, on September 21st, Dan Buzi also worked with Michele McKeon and a team of ten Marist volunteers on two other homes owned by senior citizens. An 83 year old widower’s house had been devastated by Hurricane Irene. The Catholic Charities team was able to cut down the knee-high grass and remove the vines that had begun to take over his property.

At the second home, a senior couple was needed help when the husband tore his shoulder muscle making repairs following Hurricane Irene. The Marist volunteers made quick work of the cleanup project, helping the client on his way back to his pre-disaster condition.

For survivors of the recent hurricanes, both Irene and Sandy, being able to rely on caring volunteers for help is a relief as long-term recovery continues.

To volunteer your time or donate to the Sandy Relief Fund:

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