Interfaith Clergy Breakfast Unites NYC Faith Leaders

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New York Public Library

Today’s Interfaith Clergy Breakfast was held at the New York Public Library.

December 30, 2011 — Mayor Michael Bloomberg hosted the annual Interfaith Clergy Breakfast this morning at the New York Public Library. Catholic Charities Executive Director Msgr. Kevin Sullivan joined more than 400 religious leaders from throughout New York City.

Msgr. Sullivan shared his thoughts about the event:

 “In a world that often sees religion as divisive, it is good that in New York City, we seek ways to use religion to bring people together. In this age of diversity of opinion, it is important to find ways to respect our differences, for the good of all New Yorkers.”

Fr. Joseph McShane, President of Fordham University, delivered an invocation that beautifully expressed so much about the work of Catholic Charities:

God of all goodness, we give you heartfelt thanks for the blessings that you have bestowed on our great City during the past year.
We thank you for the wisdom, energy and visionary leadership of our Mayor, and the strong and provident service of our Council.
We give you thanks for
the bravery of our police officers,
the courage of our firefighters,
the devotion of our teachers,
and the quiet heroism of those who serve the poorest of the poor.

God of all hopefulness, in the coming year of grace, grant:

To the poor: dignity;
To the young: hope;
To students: the joy of discovery;
To families: serenity, security and love;
To our neighborhoods: safety, peace and concord;
To immigrants; a warm welcome and a new beginning in our midst;
To the elderly: honor and satisfaction;
To dreamers: fulfillment;
To workers: pride in their labor;
To believers: strong faith; and
To us, your servants: a share in Your work of redeeming the world through love.

God of all graciousness: make of this, the Capital of the World, a shining City On a Hill where our first language is love and our most important work is charity in the service of others.

To You, Most Gracious God, be all glory, honor, praise and thanksgiving, now and forever.

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