Park Ave. Buildings by Train Tracks Explode

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By Alice Kenny

Our thoughts and prayers are with all hurt when two five-story buildings in Harlem adjacent to the elevated Metro North train tracks collapsed shortly after 9 a.m.this morning. According to latest reports, an explosion in the buildings on the corner of 116 St. and Park Ave. occurred shortly after Con Edison received a call reporting the smell of gas, killing at least two persons and injuring nearly 30 others.

The explosion in 1644 and 1646 Park Ave., just nine blocks south of the Metro North’s 125th St. station, was so great that windows in buildings across the street shattered. Buildings blocks away rattled as if an earthquake had taken place.

200  fire fighters rushed to the site.

Metro North railroad service has been suspended.

Do you need help? Visit the Red Cross assistance center that just opened at P.S. 57 on 115th Street between Lexington and Third avenues or call 311.

Click here for live breaking news on ABC.

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