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NY Times Public Editor Margaret Sullivan & Catholic Univ. Professor Maryann Cusimano Love Take On Issues of Poverty, Privacy and the Digital Age.

Monday, June 24th, 2013

Two brave women — Margaret Sullivan, who works as Public Editor from inside The New York Times and Dr. Maryann Cusimano Love, who, as Catholic University Associate professor of International Relations takes on  issues like morality, technology and NSA surveillance — confront head on these dicey topics and more with Msgr. Kevin Sullivan on this week’s JustLove radio show.

Their skill at combining clear thinking with straight talk puts listeners in the sometimes uncomfortable position of thinking twice about topics that, until now, they may have avoided thinking about at all.

“We tend to think of the poor as something over there in a silo,” says Ms. Sullivan, a Jesuit-educated graduate of Georgetown University.  “But it’s really not a discreet population that we can draw a discreet circle around and say ‘you are the other.’  The other is us.”

The issue of poverty, the public and how to accurately present news challenges media outlets as they draw on rapidly evolving online opportunities.

And it challenges the government as laws that protect our privacy struggle to keep up with the digital age.

This struggle sparked particular outrage when the public recently found out about the NSA’s electronic surveillance program that has peaked into millions of U.S. citizens’ phone and internet accounts as part of its war on terror.

“What’s lost in this debate is that the government is asking private industry for this information,” Dr. Cusimano Love says.  “People may not understand that this information is already being gathered by the private sector.  The main question is whether the government should peek at it.”

Listen as they take on these topics on JustLove  on SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio.   JustLove airs weekly on Saturday at 10am EST on The Catholic Channel 129.

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