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Disabled Son & Abused Mom on Path to Self Sufficiency

Thursday, January 15th, 2015



Wheelchair bound from the severe brittle bone disease he was born with, Edwin Zabala, 10, shares a single room with his mother and younger brother in a shelter for domestic violence survivors.  Edwin is about three feet tall with a round head nearly the size of his torso; his arms and legs are bent inward from frequent breakage.

His younger brother, Jorge, 6, acts as his protector during the rare times, other than school, that their mother feels it is safe to walk with them on the streets outside their shelter.  It is not that she is an overly-cautious mother.  It is that she knows, after witnessing Edwin’s bones crack again and again when they experience the slightest pressure, after seeing criminals hanging out on the tough streets outside and after enduring 11 years of abuse from their father, that the world outside their room for them is a dangerous place.

Thankfully, Dominican Sisters Family Health Services, a Catholic Charities affiliate, has made it safer.

Read their New York Times Neediest Case now.


Dominican Sisters Family Health Services Host South Bronx Children at Upstate Picnic

Friday, August 10th, 2012

More than 300 children and adults from the South Bronx participated in Dominican Sisters Family Health Services’ (DSFHS) annual Summer Outing in Ossining, NY on July 13. For the hundreds of low-income clients served by this Catholic Charities affiliate, the trip was a welcome relief from oppressive city heat. As the poorest urban Congressional District in the United States, the South Bronx is plagued by many social challenges, including high levels of poverty and violence and low levels of literacy and education. For many of the children participating in the DSFHS Summer Outing, the trip was the first and only time they were able to leave their South Bronx neighborhood this summer.

Rented school buses transported clients and staff to the grounds of Mariandale Retreat Center, along the banks of the Hudson River. They were welcomed by DSFHS staff and local volunteers and encouraged to take in the scenery, walk barefoot, swim, and spend some relaxing time outdoors with family in friends.

For more than thirty years, DSFHS has invited the South Bronx children and families who they serve to participate in a day of games, recreation, swimming, and food at the organization’s Headquarters.

Dominican Sisters Family Health Service is a non-profit home health agency that provides compassionate, comprehensive and family-focused care to persons of all ages, means and faiths. DSFHS programs and services, as well as its licensed affiliate agency, Family Home Health Care, Inc., promote health, independence and quality of life for its patients and clients. DSFHS is a long-time partner of Catholic Charities and has been a leader in providing and coordinating social services specifically in the South Bronx for more than 90 years.