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Mommy, I’m So Proud of You

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Fox News’ Good Day Street Talk television show celebrates Women’s History Month, tracking amazing women who are breaking barriers and changing the world.

Good Day Street Talk this week interviewed Grace Institute Executive Director Sherry Krull –who discusses how this Catholic Charities affiliate has been empowering women in the workplace through training and job placement – and Grace Graduate Phara Bernadin who shares her inspiring story.

“Women who are coming to us are incredibly hungry,” Ms. Krull tells Fox News.  “They want to make a change in their lives.

“So it’s such a pleasure for us who are working in the organization to get 150 women all in one room from all different backgrounds, all different boroughs, all different experiences and nurture them, teach them the hard skills they need in terms of Microsoft Office, business communication and also the essential skills, the soft skills- conflict resolution, professional management.

“And also nurture their souls a little bit because they’re coming to us from having struggled.

“So it’s a combination of those skills for six months that …makes them incredibly marketable.”

Phara Bernadin, a recent Grace graduate, agreed.

“It did a great deal for me,” she tells Fox News.

“It’s like a family because you go back and the door’s always open.

“And the way my daughter looks at me and things that she says – ‘Mommy I’m so proud of you…and to me no amount of money or anything can compare to that.”

Grace Institute, an affiliate of Catholic Charities, has been providing tuition-free job-training skills for women in New York City for more than 100 years. The program includes intensive computer, business writing and career development classes.  It prepares students for interviews and draws on its extensive lists of employer contacts to arrange meetings and help the students find work.

Are you an unemployed woman looking to brush up your skills and find a job?

Click here to learn more about Grace Institute and its tuition-free job-training programs for New York City women.

To watch the Fox News interview, visit the video site and click on Part 4.

Check out Fox 5 News live interview with Catholic Charities Executive Director and Find Out How You Can Help Victims of Hurricane Sandy

Friday, November 9th, 2012

By Alice Kenny

New Yorkers bearing bags filled with donations for Hurricane Sandy victims, 18-wheeler Coca Cola and Duane Reide delivery trucks and four-door cars stuffed with cleaning supplies lined up outside Fox News at 205 East 67 Street this morning.

They came from across the nation and across the block to contribute to the Fox News Good Day Cares partnership with Catholic Charities to help people whose lives have been devastated by  the super storm.

Staff and volunteers formed conga lines to load donations on to Catholic Charities trucks that will bring these vital goods to neighborhoods hardest hit by the storm.

“We’re a hurting city; we’re a helping city but we’re bringing hope to people,” said Catholic Charities NY Executive Director Msgr. Kevin Sullivan during his interview this morning on Fox News.  “We’re going to make lives better and we thank you for your help.”

Click here to watch his interview and get a list of needed supplies.


Do you need help?

  • Call Catholic Charities Toll-free Helpline: (888) 744-7900.
  • Click here for more resources and information


Would you like to help others recover?

  • Click here to make a donation.
  • Text SANDY to 85944 to make a one-time $10 donation.
  • Click here to volunteer