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Check out Fox 5 News live interview with Catholic Charities Executive Director and Find Out How You Can Help Victims of Hurricane Sandy

Friday, November 9th, 2012

By Alice Kenny

New Yorkers bearing bags filled with donations for Hurricane Sandy victims, 18-wheeler Coca Cola and Duane Reide delivery trucks and four-door cars stuffed with cleaning supplies lined up outside Fox News at 205 East 67 Street this morning.

They came from across the nation and across the block to contribute to the Fox News Good Day Cares partnership with Catholic Charities to help people whose lives have been devastated by  the super storm.

Staff and volunteers formed conga lines to load donations on to Catholic Charities trucks that will bring these vital goods to neighborhoods hardest hit by the storm.

“We’re a hurting city; we’re a helping city but we’re bringing hope to people,” said Catholic Charities NY Executive Director Msgr. Kevin Sullivan during his interview this morning on Fox News.  “We’re going to make lives better and we thank you for your help.”

Click here to watch his interview and get a list of needed supplies.


Do you need help?

  • Call Catholic Charities Toll-free Helpline: (888) 744-7900.
  • Click here for more resources and information


Would you like to help others recover?

  • Click here to make a donation.
  • Text SANDY to 85944 to make a one-time $10 donation.
  • Click here to volunteer

In Hurricane Sandy’s Wake; People’s Lives Left on Their Lawns

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

Porcelain sinks and leather couches, family photos and TVs tumbled onto former housing lots where only brick staircases remain in Staten Island’s Midland Beach, the neighborhood slammed by the worst of Hurricane Sandy’s wrath.  With temperatures dropping into the 30s, people burned kitchen chairs for warmth.

“I saw people’s lives on their lawns,” said Michael Neely, assistant to the director of Catholic Charities Staten Island.  He and his boss, Joe Panepinto, director of Catholic Charities Staten Island, used phones, Facebook, family and friends to pull together a small army of more than 100 Catholic Charities staff, CYO coaches and volunteers last weekend to help hundreds of those hurt by the hurricane begin to rebuild their lives.

They began on Saturday with a map of Midland Beach.  They split themselves into groups of three, then went lot to lot to learn what storm victims needed most.  Mr. Neely manned a cell phone, sent staff, CYO coaches and volunteers to pick up water, clothing, blankets, whatever folks said they needed most, and sent another group to deliver these supplies.

To take the pulse of what else was needed Mr. Panepinto went that night to mass at Holy Rosary Parish, a church in the South Beach section of Staten Island that lost parishioners to the storm. Mr. Neely met with others there the following morning.

One of the volunteers, David Cardinale, president of USATees and a retired New York City firefighter, knocked on the door of an elderly couple who told him that they smelled gas.  Mr. Cardinale entered the home, asked for a pair of pliers and turned off four pilot lights on the stove that could have blown up the house at any point.

The group reconvened on Sunday at the expansive parking lot on the corner of Fr. Capodanno Blvd. and Hunter Ave. in Midland Beach where FEMA, the mayor’s office and a host of other groups and organizations had set up tents.  They helped organize mountains of donations – from hot pizzas, to down coats and disposable diapers – that came streaming in from nearby New Yorkers and  donors with license plates from as far away as North Carolina.

The Catholic Charities agencies in conjunction with the entire Archdiocese of New York is working closely with FEMA and other first responders to maximize resources available to those hit hard by the storm, non Catholics and Catholics alike.

“It’s like a war zone,” Mr. Neely said, “like something I never thought I would live long enough to see.”

Do you need help?

  • Call Catholic Charities Toll-free Helpline:  (888) 744-7900.
  • Click here for more resources and information

Would you like to help others recover?

Trapped on the 14th floor by Hurricane Sandy, disabled woman receives crucial help

Monday, November 5th, 2012

Marjorie, who is disabled and walks with a walker, was trapped in her 14th-floor apartment for days after Hurricane Sandy tore through the East Coast on October 30.  Her son Eugene, 12 years old and sick to his stomach, trekked up and down the 14 flights of stairs to get water from the fire hydrant. They covered their toilet with plastic bags they dropped off in the incinerator. The food in her refrigerator had spoiled.  They had nothing left to eat but peanut butter and were tapped out of funds.

Catholic Charities reached out to help.  Staff brought her grocery bags filled with canned vegetables, tuna, boxed milk, cereal and gift cards to the local Food Emporium.  She refused, however, offers to evacuate her.  Her water, off for four days was turned back on and she received electricity the following day.

“To say that my faith in the world has been restored is putting it mildly,” she said.

Do you need help?

  • Call Catholic Charities Toll-free Helpline:  (888) 744-7900.
  • Click here for more resources and information

Would you like to help others recover?