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President Bill Clinton, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Catholic Charities Case Manager Tanya Thomas Share Stage

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

By Alice Kenny

Catholic Charities case manager Tanya Thomas, a gold star military spouse and the first graduate of Grace’s training program, part of a Clinton Global Initiative commitment to assist female veterans and their families, shared the stage with former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the third annual Clinton Global Initiative America meeting held in Chicago. The meeting drew together experts from across the nation to develop solutions that promote economic recovery, such as the Grace Institute training program that helped Ms. Thomas find work.

Hillary Clinton introduced Ms. Thomas and Jolene Varley Handy, Grace Institute’s Sr. Director of Strategic Partnerships. Ms. Thomas wore a palm-colored dress and jacket.  Ms. Varley Handy wore a black dress and green jacket.  And yes; Ms. Clinton wore a blue pants suit.

Ms. Thomas was the only client presenter at the two-day conference.  She shared in front of 2000 guests her story about how her life was transformed by Grace Institute and the Catholic Charities case manager job she landed as a result.

“Veterans often face difficulty matching civilian skills to civilian work and they can face health challenges such as post traumatic stress,” Ms. Thomas told the audience. “These obstacles affect not only our veterans but their families as well.

“My husband was a disabled vet and taking  care of him took me out of the workforce for eight years…Grace Institute was my beacon of hope providing me with resources to reenter the work force.”

Her experience at Grace Institute and its close connections with Catholic Charities helped her land her current job here.

Grace Institute, an affiliate of Catholic Charities, has been providing tuition-free job-training skills for women in New York City for more than 100 years. Through this commitment to action, Grace is now reaching out to serve female veterans and military families to assist with  the transition to life off base and the civilian workforce. The program includes intensive computer, business writing and career development classes.  It prepares students for interviews and draws on its extensive lists of employer contacts to arrange meetings and help the students find work.

Watch and listen to Ms. Thomas on “Together We Can:  Driving a Future of Shared Responsibility and Shared Benefit.”

Check out this recent interview with Grace Institute’s Tanya Lynn Thomas, as she speaks with Msgr. Kevin Sullivan on JustLove on SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio.  JustLove airs weekly on Saturday at 10am EST on The Catholic Channel 129.

Are you an unemployed woman looking to brush up your skills and find a job?

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