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Help New Yorkers In Need Stay Warm This Christmas

Wednesday, December 24th, 2014

warmcoatpostA warm coat isn’t too much to ask for this Christmas.

When hard-working people fall on hard times, Catholic Charities is there.

The Rivera family lost almost everything when the economic climate caused their day care business to shut down. As winter approaches, families like the Riveras are facing a tough climate of another kind. Last year, our St. Nicholas Project provided warm coats, hats, sweaters and blankets to nearly 4,000 people. Every year, because of caring people like you, the St. Nicholas Project is able to provide winter necessities to those in need.

This Christmas, you can help by donating $65 to help one individual, or $260 to help a family of four.

Abandoned as a Child, Mother Fights to Provide Better Life for Her Toddler

Friday, November 8th, 2013

By Alice Kenny

Abandoned as a child, Venus Rivera bounced from one group home to another from Queens to White Plains.

“After a while, you’re just like: ‘Where’s my home? Who cares about me? Nobody cares about me. I’m doing this by myself,'” she said.

She and her husband, David Rivera, were determined to build a better life for themselves and their young son, Ares, 3.

But when the gym where Mr. Rivera worked as a custodian cut back on his hours, the mother whose children Ms. Rivera used to care for lost her job and the housing subsidy they received suddenly ended, the Rivera family faced homelessness once again.

“We just have each other,” Ms. Rivera said.  “That’s it.”

But, thanks to Catholic Charities, they were not alone.

 Read their story in today’s New York Times.