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Community Leaders Come Together at the Kennedy Center

Friday, September 21st, 2012

Catholic Charities Associate Executive Director Joseph Buttigieg, Doris R. Conner, and Kennedy Center Director Deacon Rodney Beckford

On Saturday, September 15th, community leaders, artists and Catholic Charities staff gathered at the Lt. Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Center to share ideas, recognize outstanding individuals and discuss future plans for the center.

The first annual event, hosted by the Kennedy Center Advisory Board, was called a mélange, from the French word for “mixture,” signifying both the atmosphere of the mixer and the diverse mix of programs and people involved with the center. Catholic Charities Executive Director Monsignor Kevin Sullivan addressed attendees regarding the organization’s vision, resources, long-term needs and commitment to the Central Harlem community. The center’s Director, Deacon Rodney Beckford, also spoke about plans for exciting new initiatives and programs coming up.

Located in Harlem and administered by Catholic Charities Community Services, the Kennedy Center provides activities and services ranging from performing arts and sports programs, to a senior center serving nearly 200 seniors daily, to The Rusty Staub Emergency Food Pantry serving 300-500 community members in need every month.

Learn more about programs and services offered by Catholic Charities Community Services.

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