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Eyewitness News spotlights the “Cupid Shuffle” at Catholic Charities Kennedy Center

Monday, March 11th, 2013

 By Alice Kenny

WABC Eyewitness News visited Catholic Charities Lt. Joseph P. Kennedy Memorial Center on March 5 to spotlight what they called a whole new look at line dancing with a soulful approach.

And why is it being offered?

“Helping isn’t just when you’re in need,” Kennedy Center Director Deacon Rodney Beckford tells reporter Kimberly Richardson. “Helping is also helping you be happy, helping you have fun, helping you stay healthy.”

The class is free and it’s a lot of fun, Ms. Richardson announces as she takes her turn at the “Wobble” and the “Cupid Shuffle.”

“Once you get bitten, that’s it,” instructor Anita Mullin said. “You become a line dance junkie. You want to do it more and more and more.”

A sentiment shared by everyone here at the Joseph P. Kennedy center. What’s the secret to getting the steps down?

“The rhythm, beat, you’ve got to say it in your mind. Feel it in your soul,” Soul Line dancer Robert Perry said.

When I spotted Perry, the 68 year old was busy fluttering around the room. I can see why what’s happening here is contagious, soul line dancing, popular not only here in Harlem, but all over the country.

It involves following a carefully choreographed sequence of steps, think electric slide, only tougher.

The class kicked off in January. Roughly 60 enthusiasts get together for two hours with Anita leading the way to learn the latest moves.

“It’s a certain amount of comradery. It’s like ‘Oh yeah, help me with that step.’ So yeah, it’s a lot of fun,” she said.

And good exercise, part of the mission of Catholic Charities, which runs this center.

Check out the story and video online.

For more information, contact the Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Memorial Community Center at 212 862-5401. The class is every Tuesday evening at 6:30.