Trapped on the 14th floor by Hurricane Sandy, disabled woman receives crucial help

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Marjorie, who is disabled and walks with a walker, was trapped in her 14th-floor apartment for days after Hurricane Sandy tore through the East Coast on October 30.  Her son Eugene, 12 years old and sick to his stomach, trekked up and down the 14 flights of stairs to get water from the fire hydrant. They covered their toilet with plastic bags they dropped off in the incinerator. The food in her refrigerator had spoiled.  They had nothing left to eat but peanut butter and were tapped out of funds.

Catholic Charities reached out to help.  Staff brought her grocery bags filled with canned vegetables, tuna, boxed milk, cereal and gift cards to the local Food Emporium.  She refused, however, offers to evacuate her.  Her water, off for four days was turned back on and she received electricity the following day.

“To say that my faith in the world has been restored is putting it mildly,” she said.

Do you need help?

  • Call Catholic Charities Toll-free Helpline:  (888) 744-7900.
  • Click here for more resources and information

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