What is the Meaning of Lent?

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Watch a special video message on the meaning of Lent, from us at Catholic Charities.

What is Lent? from Catholic Charities New York on Vimeo.

Lent is a very spiritual time. An important part of the spirituality of Lent is not about looking inward, but looking outward — and not merely upward to God, but outward to sisters and brothers who are in need.

Almsgiving — charity — is one of those traditional practices that is part of the most solemn religious season of Lent.

Catholic Charities draws its inspiration from the need to look at our sisters and brothers in need, and to see in that a great work that recognizes the image of God in our neighbors in need, and seeks to do that inspired by our faith — but not limited by our faith. For we reach out to those of all religions, we reach out to those of no religion.

The single criteria we have is: Is there a need that we can meet?

Lent is the best time for us to renew our efforts to meet the needs of New Yorkers who need our help.

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