One Response to “The Good War”

  1. I have never been to the middle east or any other country. However my views on the city new york isnt the same as a new yorker. I have never considered new york america just some population of chaos and problems. I lived much of my life in west coast small towns or rural places . However I have lived in cities off and on such as LA , Sacramento,Salt Lake City, and Portland,Oregon. To me going to the city was like leaving america . LA seemed like a desolate population of foreign communities and cultures foriegn to me. I niever could adapt to the chaotic and corporate realms of society. When I read aricles or see shows on places like ethiopia or south africa, I never know what to believe because of protestant views and thier way of making everything seem their way. From reading the bible it seems like Gods people before christ lived a similar way to much of the poor coutnries. So I try not be carnal minded about it. I know life is in the spirit and that the gospel tells us all this stuff will pass away . All the knowledge we educated with and all the wisdom we flaunt and boast in. I am hoping to move to Brazil as soon as I can raise the capitol to buy a few country cottages there as an investment but until then I am just a country guy to some measure and dont have a clue to any way of life other than I liearned from living my life in america. I do know from being security investigator trained that there is alot more to the Lords justice and authority than we understand or are taught by books. The earth and all the people in the far away places are all subject to the same God and wether muslim,hebrew,jew,or catholic its the Lord who calls people to his kingdom to be his citizens if peple arnt we cannot change that and can only shine a light or be the salt that would cause them to thirst for salvation. Honestly how we can do that I dont know other than whatever mysterious blessing the Lord empowers us himself without our own understanding or power. I love psalms and consider David to be much greater than the apostles why is he explains the fathers way so well and christ himself only came to do the will of his Father. If you read about the manna which sure you have. I think that People in those countries are provided for when they are faithfull in some similar manner . I dont know but Gods children had many wars and alot of them God intervened in . However never were all the nations holy and never were they all just so I try to think of David and his words when thinking about the nations