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Putting on my Sackcloth and Ashes – only Digitally…

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

Dear Readers,

As we begin Lent – a season that reminds us of the importance of repentance beginning our six week journey of preparation for the Resurrection of our Lord, after a lengthy examination of conscience I have a confession to make: I have to admit that over the past several weeks I have been a very bad blogger! Since the beginning of the year, I have been remiss in not adding one single new post to “On Earth as It is in Heaven,” and for this I am profoundly sorry! Now, some of this has had to do with time spent working on other responsibilities, which included time spent down in Washington D.C. during their recent “snowpocalypse” (more on that to come later…); but no matter, I take full responsibility for my recent bad blogging habits, and – in an attitude of appropriate repentance for Ash Wednesday – I am here to promise that this situation is going to change, and that this change begins today!

Today is the 44th Anniversary of Pope Paul VI issuance of the Constitution on Fasting and Abstinence (Poenitemini) which raised up the importance of voluntary, self-chosen penances such as works of charity for the poor to compliment traditional fasting. In contemplating this anniversary, I thought it entirely appropriate to take on as one of my Lenten observances this year – in addition to of course observing the traditional requirements of fast and abstinence – becoming a much more diligent blogger! In this regard in the coming weeks, I promise to post comments on a much more regular basis, sharing the teachings of our Church on the dignity of the human person, and all the good works – both here and abroad – that the Church undertakes on behalf of the poor and vulnerable in our midst. In making this commitment, I am following the good advice that Our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI gave in his message for the 44th Annual World Communications Day (released on January 23rd) which encouraged all Catholics – but especially priests in this “Year of the Priest” – to use all the new media technologies at our disposal to reach new audiences with the message of God’s abundant love.

So please forgive the hiatus dear readers – and a Blessed Ash Wednesday to you all – will be back real soon…..