Where Is the Outrage?

What will it take for the media to get on a real story of child abuse — not decades-old cases of clerical sex abuse, but the present involvement by the abortion industry in covering up the rape of children and lying to women about the nature of abortion?

In the last two weeks, the pro-life group LiveAction, headed by the intrepid Lila Rose, has put out two undercover videos of her experiences in abortion clinics.

The first found her in a Planned Parenthood clinic in Wisconsin.  Posing as a young girl seeking an abortion, she was told by a Planned Parenthood employee that her 6 to 8 week-ole baby had “no arms, no legs, no heart no head, no brain”, and that an unborn child at that age has no “identifiable parts” and is just “fetal matter.”  The clinic employee discouraged her from adoption, and urged her to have an abortion right as soon as possible.  View the video for yourself, and you’ll feel your blood pressure go up, especially if you have a daughter.  Yes, that’s really “pro-choice” — lying to women and pressing them to destroy their children.

The next video is the worst.  Lila goes into an abortion clinic in Kentucky, claiming to be a 14-year-old girl who is 14 to 15 weeks pregnant.  The clinic worker coldly explains to her how she can evade the state’s parental notification laws by obtaining a “judicial bypass”, with the help of a local attorney.  So much for informed choice, if the girls’ parents won’t even know about the abortion.

That was bad enough, but what happened next is stomach-turning.  The worker asks Lila how old her “boyfriend” is, and Lila tells her outright that he is 31 years old.  The clinic worker doesn’t bat an eye, and just tells her that this won’t be a problem for the “judicial bypass”.

Think about that for a nauseating second — a 31-year-old adult, having sex with a 14-year-old.  That is rape, and it should be reported to the authorities instantly.  View the video for yourself and be sickened at the callousness of the clinic worker, who clearly just doesn’t care — after all, what’s  little rape when you’re in the murder business?

In a day when technical flaws in cars are the subject of endless headlines, and where deception and fraud on Wall Street produces Presidential addresses, what does it say when child-rape and deception aren’t even newsworthy?

It says to me that the conscience of our society has been deadened by indifference to and cooperation in the worst kind of child abuse — the killing of unborn children.  And until we recapture our reverence for human life at its earliest stages, all sorts of horrors are possible — and may even be inevitable.

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10 Responses to “Where Is the Outrage?”

  1. James De Silva says:

    That worker is a mandated reporter like any health care worker, school teacher etc. I think if it were her daughter she would expect to be called. So much for the protection of woman and children.

    I find it outrageous that there is no parental notification or consent in New York.

  2. James De Silva says:

    I don’t see that New York State Social Services Law would mandate a report in the case of statutory rape. Do you know? That just can’t be. The abuser has to be the parent? Must be something in New York that requires a health care practitioner to report statutory rape to the parents.

  3. Ed Mechmann says:

    New York State’s mandated reporter law contains several critical flaws. One is that the list of mandated reporters is too limited, since it does not include people who work in doctors offices, clinics, etc. The other is the one you point out — the only mandatory report is if the child has been abused by a parent, guardian, or someone with legal responsibility for the child. So, for example, if a child is sexually abused by their mother’s boyfriend, a mandated reporter is not — repeat, not — required to report that incident. Since that is one of the most common scenarios for abuse, the law permits a gigantic hole in the protective system, and leaves many, many children at risk.

  4. Mary says:

    You mention the media obsession with decades old clerical abuse. Here’s a refreshing response from Bishop Wenski http://blogs.orlandosentinel.com/features-the-religion-world/2010/04/22/bishop-wenski-speaks-to-pedophile-scandal/

  5. Mary says:

    …. and in this everything old is new again world, I can’t resist giving you this not surprising but nevertheless stunning revelation of \How the Nazis Engineered a Paedophile Priests Scare\ in 1937! http://www.mercatornet.com/articles/view/how_the_nazis_engineered_a_paedophile_priests_scare/

  6. Ed Mechmann says:

    The bishop is precisely correct — old cases do not a “crisis” make. But the real question continues to be, why is it that current massive numbers of cases (e.g., in the public schools) is
    not considered a crisis by the media and culture?

  7. Mary says:

    As for the lack of outrage about abortion, consider this: In the US there are over a million abortions each year. For every one, there is a father. Over a million fathers. Journalists, politicians, police, teachers, men who are unfaithful to their wives, immature men, selfish men, men who made a mistake once, etc. “A million man” shame, so to speak; a million men in denial, a million men with a secret; a million men “moving on” with their lives, a million men [well you fill in the blank]. And that million multiplies astronomically if you include the mothers, fathers, grandmothers, aunts, friends, doctors, counsellors who may also be involved in or affected by knowledge of an abortion. It’s just so much easier to go after Toyota’s pedal problems than our own sins.

  8. Ed Mechmann says:

    You are absolutely right. The number of people who are complicit in the crime of abortion is staggering.

  9. Sean Davey says:

    “Think about that for a nauseating second — a 31-year-old adult, having sex with a 14-year-old. That is rape, and it should be reported to the authorities instantly. ”

    I find the above line somewhat ironic, in that the sex abuse crisis should have gotten the same response over and over again, but never did. The outrage imbued in your sentences is part of the fuel to the current crisis in the Church.

    I call it a current crisis because, time and again, you have relied upon the directives of the bishops and cardinals as authoritative on matters religious. The current crisis, as defined by me, is that some/many (I don’t know because it is hard to quantify) of those same bishops and cardinals failed to report such rape to the authorities instantly. You cloak cover for them by relying on Canonical Law, but I am sure that the workers with whom you are outraged also can rely on confidentiality or some other process to deflect blame.

    Don’t get me wrong, I believe abortion is a sin. But I also believe those bishops and cardinals who never reported child molesters to the authorities should be defrocked, regardless of Canonical Law. And I believe that the Church thinks the crisis is media driven, when it is faith driven: many people have lost faith in the Church. Not in the Church of Christ, but in the church of man.

  10. Ed Mechmann says:

    I certainly do not “cloak cover” for anyone, nor am I involved in assisting any cover-up of sex abuse. My main job here at the Archdiocese is the prevention of child sexual abuse — I do this every day, every week.

    As for Canon Law, if only the bishops had used it! I personally believe that if the bishops had enforced the Canon Law from the beginning, the sex abuse scandal would never have reached the level that it did, because the malefactors would have been disciplined and removed from the clerical state. One of the main causes of the scandal was the failure of some bishops to properly govern their dioceses, including a failure to use the penal provisions of the Canon Law.

    There is no doubt that some bishops were grossly negligent in selecting, training, supervising, and disciplining priests. Others were imprudent (in hindsight) in trusting the advice of therapists who insisted that men who were in treatment could be trusted around children. All that has been brought into the open and admitted by the US Bishops. Of course, we must always bear in mind that the primary moral blame has always been with the men who deliberately violated their vows of continence and the moral law by sexually exploiting young people.

    This comment shows the corrosive effect of the scandal on the Church’s public witness. Virtually every public statement the Church makes is now responded to with a comment about the scandal. This severely inhibits our ability to speak out on other issues.

    And finally, just to get back to the point of the original blog post, although we should certainly be outraged at the sins surrounding the sex abuse scandal, I still maintain that none of the sins of the clergy — as wicked as they are — come even close in magnitude to the sins of the abortion industry, which murders thousands of children, scars young women, and corrupts the innocent every single day, without anything close to the public scrutiny or obloquy that the Church is subjected to.