Stop the Radical Reproductive Health Act!

Our dysfunctional New York State Legislature, having failed for months in its fundamental duty to govern our state responsibly, is now threatening to ram through a radical pro-abortion bill, hoping that the public won’t notice.

The so-called “Reproductive Health Act”, which was first introduced by disgraced Governor Eliot Spitzer, and then adopted by Governor David Paterson, has languished in the State Senate for months, with no action imminent.  Now, on a Friday before the last week of the legislative session, it has been suddenly introduced in the Assembly, and may be pushed through the Legislature with virtually no consideration, public input, or debate.  Typical Albany shenanigans.

Make no mistake here.  This bill has nothing whatsoever to do with reproductive health.  It is an extremist pro-abortion bill that would establish the destruction of unborn human beings as a “fundamental right”, and make it impossible to pass common-sense regulations, like parental notification laws. It would also undermine or eliminate the conscience protections in law that protect religious liberties, under the guise of eliminating “discrimination” against the newly-recognized “fundamental right”. Church-owned hospitals, social service agencies, and schools could be required to promote, perform, or refer for abortions. Our schools could be required to help pregnant girls to get an abortion, or risk being sued for “discrimination”. And the licenses of doctors, nurses, and other professionals could be at risk if they don’t promote, perform or refer for abortions.  More information about the bill can be found on the New York State Catholic Conference’s website.

Any legislator who votes for this bill will not be able to hide behind the phony rubric of being “pro-choice”.  This bill is pro-abortion, pure and simple, and would compel every part of society to acquiesce in the legal regime that refuses to recognize the most fundamental right, the right to life, for unborn children.

The Catholic Conference is calling upon everyone who values human life to immediately contact their State Senator and Assembly Representative.  The easiest way is to send an e-mail through the Catholic Conference web site.  Phone calls should also be made; representatives’ phone numbers can be found on the Catholic Conference’s website.

Please don’t let the State Legislature get away with this injustice.  Take action now.  Spread the word.  And pray.

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3 Responses to “Stop the Radical Reproductive Health Act!”

  1. Mary says:

    The progressive politicians who co-sponsor and support this wicked legislation, believe they don’t have to answer to anyone. Not Catholics. Not voters. Not God.

    We must let them know we’re watching, we’re angry, and we will remember how they vote. We prayed that cad Spitzer out of office. Our catholic Governor is neutralized as well. We will not hand our vote to failed lintbags. We’re angry. We’re watching. We’re voting.

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