Why We Must Be Vigilant

For months during the health care reform debate, the US Bishops, and other pro-life groups, adamantly insisted that the proposed health care reform bills were dangerous because they would use public funds to pay for elective abortions.  The Obama Administration and leaders of Congress consistently responded that their bills would not do any such thing.   In fact, the Administration even accused pro-lifers — including the Catholic bishops — of “bearing false witness” when they claimed that the bill would, in fact, pay for elective abortions with public money.

Catholics, including some religious sisters and the Catholic Health Association bought what the Administration was selling, and argued that the health care bill was actually pro-life.  Pro-life Democrats were induced, at the last minute, to vote for the bill thanks to such promises, and the President even signed an executive order that supposedly guaranteed that no elective abortions would be paid for under the bill.  Pro-lifers objected, but were told, essentially, that we were either lying or that we didn’t understand the bill.

Over the past few days, it has become public knowledge that an obscure provision in the health care reform bill (it involves setting up state-by-state “high risk pools”) is being used to pay for elective abortions in at least two states, and potentially in many more.  These programs were approved by the federal Department of Health and Human Services, and at least one of them was already putting out contracts and getting ready to provide services.

Once the publicity started, the Administration began to backtrack, and now promises that they will issue regulations that will ensure that no federal funding will go to elective abortions.

This demonstrates yet again why we must be very, very vigilant when it comes to this Administration’s policies that affect abortion.  It is also clear that legislation must be passed that will forever settle the matter, and ban any federal funding for elective abortions.

Never forget that this Administration, and the people in major policy-making positions, are utterly committed to the legal regime that permits the destruction of innocent human life in the womb for any reason whatsoever.  They will not deviate from their agenda of promoting abortion as a method of “reproductive choice”.   The sad reality is that the Obama Administration, and the President himself, are not moderate on abortion — they are extremist supporters of the “right” to kill unborn children.

Elections have consequences, and so does the passage of well-intentioned but gravely flawed legislation.

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