The “Morality” of Planned Parenthood

Every so often a news piece appears that serves as a reminder of the face of evil at the heart of the abortion industry.  This time, it was a piece about an abortion clinic in California that lost it’s affiliation with Planned Parenthood, and it offers a good opportunity to reflect on the moral values of the organization that I prefer to call the Temple of Moloch, after the ancient death cult in which parents sacrificed their children to a demon.

So, let’s do an inventory of the moral standards of Planned Parenthood.:

  • Kill babies?  Yes — they do over 300,000 abortions each year.
  • Harm mothers physically and psychologically?  Yes — they even deny the reality of post-abortion syndrome.
  • Kill a woman with an abortion drug?  Yes — there are many documented cases, including one at the clinic in California.
  • Hand out the same dangerous abortion drugs after a telephone conference, and no physical exam by a doctor?  Yes — that’s their newest innovation, virtual killing by a virtual doctor.
  • Give dangerous hormone pills and injections to kids without their parents knowing?  Yes — “family planning” is their bread-and-butter, well financed with millions of our tax dollars.
  • Encourage violence against pro-life protesters?  Yes — the clinic in California put out a comic book glorifying killing pro-lifers.
  • Corrupt morals with pornographic “sex education”?  Yes — they do this regularly in school districts all over the nation, supported by our tax dollars.
  • Lie to women about fetal development?  Yes — they have been captured on video multiple times doing this, giving the lie to any rhetoric about “empowering women”.
  • Cover up the rape of children?  Yes — undercover journalists have made it clear that Planned Parenthood clinics evade state reporting laws, and encourage pregnant girls to lie to cover up the identity and age of their rapist.
  • All these represent the “morality” of Planned Parenthood.  It truly is a cult of lies and death.

    So, here’ s the question of the day:  what did the clinic in California do that led to them being cast out of Planned Parenthood?

    They didn’t make enough money.  That was the only sin that was sufficient to have them thrown out of the Temple of Moloch.

    So I stand corrected.  Planned Parenthood — and, indeed, the entire abortion industry — is a cult of lies and death and greed.

    All this evil, supported richly by every level of government, by private foundations, and by “charitable” groups (like many local chapters of the United Way).

    Some “morality”.

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    1. Rapnsum says:

      Don’t forget RACISM in that list. Would encourage you to watch this documentary which details Planned Parenthood’s seedy past and eugenic agenda. It is called- Maafa21 and the racism exposed in this film will shock you. See the Maafa21 trailer here –