The following are some of the highlights from the daily email briefing about news and events, which  I send out to some of my friends and contacts (if you’re interested in subscribing to the daily mailing, leave your email address in the comments box):

  • For some useful analysis of what the Holy Father was getting at in his remarks on condoms, see these commentaries by: Janet Smith, George Weigel, Pia de Solenni, Fr. Roger Landry, and Bill McGurn.
  • For a more humorous — but no less insightful — take on the situation, see Mark Shea and Simcha Fisher.
  • Here’s a quote from the Pope’s book that is not getting any press time, but should — Humanae Vitae was “prophetically right“.
  • There’s some hope that a daily drug regimen may reduce the risk of HIV transmission. Interestingly, the scientists conducting the study found that the key to stopping disease transmission was not medicine or condoms, but changing people’s behavior.
  • Mmm. Does that sound familiar?  It should — the Holy Father has repeatedly pointed out that condoms can’t really prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS, that only behavior modification — developing virtue — can do that.  And hey, what do you know — the social science research bears him out.
  • Dioceses around the world are joining the Holy Father in the Vigil for all Nascent Human Life, November 27. For resources, check the U.S. Bishops’ website.  For the parishes in the Archdiocese that are holding Vigils, download the list from the Respect Life Office’s website.
  • The US Senate is up to no good in their “lame duck” session — they may overturn the ban on abortions at military hospitals.  You can go to the National Committee for a Human Life Amendment’s website to send an email to your Senator about this.
  • An expose of the continued dissemination of absurd myths about abortion and the law by the newsletter of the Cult of Moloch, er, I mean the Times.
  • An interview with Archbishop Dolan gives a good view of his agenda and priorities.
  • This perfectly reflects just about everything in the modern brand of cultural insanity — a same-sex couple gets “e-married” over the internet.  So, we have a non-real “marriage” that takes place in a non-real place, to get fifteen seconds of non-real fame.
  • Theresa Bonapartis gives a dead-on description of the awful City Council hearing on the terrible New York City bill to regulate pregnancy resource centers.  For more information about the bill, check my blog post.
  • Here’s a recipe for disaster. Take marriage. Remove the idea of sexual complementarity. Remove the openness to fertility. Ignore the perpetual and unchangeable teaching of the Church that sex outside of marriage is gravely immoral. Consider as valid only the self-interest of the parties. What do you have left? A view of marriage that’s suitable for publication on the blog of Commonweal, an allegedly Catholic publication. It’s also the view of marriage that has been operative in our society for 50 years. How’s that been working out?
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