The following are some of the highlights from the daily email briefing about news and events, which I send out to some of my friends and contacts (if you’re interested in subscribing to the daily mailing, leave your email address in the comments box):

  • Abby Johnson, the former worker at the Temple of Moloch, er, I mean Planned Parenthood, who converted to pro-life after participating in an abortion, has had her book “Unplanned” published.  Read this interview with her.  Here’s the first chapter of her book.
  • Please read Msgr. Charles Pope’s reflection on the events of the last weekend from a pastor’s perspective, and the need for a conversion of heart — beginning with me — to a greater respect for each individual human life.
  • The Times did a nice profile of the federal judge who was murdered in Arizona on Saturday.  They missed the key facts — he was a devout Catholic, a Knight of Columbus, and had just come from Mass:  see here and here.
  • A couple in Australia aborts twin boys, because they wanted a girl by IVF.  Nobody asked the boys what they wanted.
  • Meanwhile, scientists tell us that twins first interact with each other in the womb.
  • The well-known “Bodies” exhibits are perhaps the most prominent examples, but this — the use of a deceased child’s skull as the medium for “art” — is another example of the disregard for human life being exemplified by a disregard for the dignity of human remains.  Catechism 2300 is clear on this: “The bodies of the dead must be treated with respect and charity, in faith and hope of the Resurrection.”
  • According to our State Department, when it comes to a passport application we no longer have mothers and fathers, just “Parent One” and “Parent Two”.  But what if there was a surrogate involved — shouldn’t there be a line on the application for “Parent Three” or more?  And what if there’s polygamy involved?
  • The Guttmacher Institute puts out statistics, showing that the national abortion rate has gone up slightly, largely due to an increase in chemical abortions. Here’s the analysis from Americans United for Life, which attributes it to the Temple of Moloch, er, I mean Planned Parenthood’s changing business model.
  • All the more reason to support legislation to cut off abortionists from public money.
  • A mass grave is found in Austria, a grim reminder of the Nazi anti-disability euthanasia campaign.  We all pledge, “Never again”, but the same campaign is taking place now, as disabled babies are killed in the womb in the name of “compassion”.  Will we never learn?
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