A “Truce”? No Thanks.

Governor Mitch Daniels of Indiana is testing the waters for a run in the Republican presidential primaries in 2012.  His record shows that he has consistently demonstrated his commitment to pro-life causes and legislation.

So, why am I writing about a governor from an obscure state somewhere to the west of us?  Because Gov. Daniels, in his political wisdom, has decided that his main campaign issue is going to be the crushing national debt, and the irresponsibility of federal spending policies, particularly the dumping of that debt onto future generations. I have no problem with that.  The national debt is a deeply troubling matter, and it is profoundly unjust to be irresponsible now and expect our children to pick up the tab later.

But what I do have a problem with is what Gov. Daniels is saying about the “social issues”.  That’s the code word in Washington and the media for abortion and marriage.  The governor is saying that these fiscal issues are so serious that we need to put aside the “social issues” for a later date, and not press them forward in the national agenda — that we need a “truce” on these issues while we deal with the budgetary matters.  In his most recent statements on this subject, he suggested that we “just sort of mute [the social issues] for a little while”.

Oh, I see.  Never mind that a million or more children are being killed every year, their mothers wounded physically and psychologically.  Never mind that marriage is re-defined out of existence, undermining the foundation of civilized society.  Never mind that the very definition of human nature is being subverted.  Those of us who care deeply about the dignity of human life should just be quiet for a while — that’s what the “mute” button does, after all — while the politicians deal with the spreadsheet and balance book, and while the Culture of Death continues to spread its insidious grasp.

Sorry, no deal.  Our national debt may be “a republic-threatening issue”, as Gov. Daniels puts it.  But the current state of the law, which permits lethal violence against an entire class of human beings, and which produces such results as the 41% abortion rate in New York City, is a civilization-threatening issue.  A soul-threatening issue.  A life-threatening issue.

The re-definition of marriage threatens society at its core, by separating love, sex, and children.  It ignores the fundamental complementarity of man and woman, severs human relations from concern about future generations, and tells children that parents of both sexes — particularly fathers — are not important.  It turns a millennium or more of social consensus on its head.

Our Church has been clear is stating that the right to life and authentic marriage are the foundation that underpins all of human society.   No budgetary issue — however grave — comes close in significance.

So, despite Gov. Daniels’ political strategy, we’ll continue to speak out about the profound injustice of abortion, and the dangers of re-defining marriage.

No “truce”.  No thanks.

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