A Horrifying New Realization

Back in January, the Chiaroscuro Foundation, together with Archbishop Dolan and interfaith leaders, held a press conference to point out the appalling reality of abortion  in New York City.  We were all horrified to hear that 41% of all pregnancies — and 60% of those among African-Americans — end in abortion.

Today, I read something on the excellent Catholic Key Blog from the Diocese of Kansas City that brought me to a new, horrifying realization — abortion in New York City is actually even worse than we thought.

In New York City in 2009, there were more deaths from abortion than there were from all other causes.  That’s correct — there were a total of 52,881 deaths of people who had been lucky enough to have been born, and 87,273 abortions.

This, in a city that is obsessed with all sorts of threats to life and health, like salt intake, trans fats, and second-hand smoke.  A city that spends its time trying to make life difficult for centers that offer alternatives to abortion.  A city that passes resolutions lauding unlimited abortion rights.

The “Capital of the World” is also the Capital of the Culture of Death.


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