The following are some of the highlights from the daily email briefing about news and events, which I send out to some of my friends and contacts (if you’re interested in subscribing to the daily mailing, leave your email address in the comments box):

1.  Governor Cuomo was honored by a “gay rights” group and called for the re-definition of marriage in all 50 states.

2.  More evidence that egg harvesting is harmful to women.

3.  Two employees of Kermit Gosnell’s Philadelphia abortion mill have pleaded guilty to murder.

4.  Prof. Michael New on the effectiveness of a “supply side” strategy to limit abortion. At the same time, after Arizona’s informed consent law went into effect, the abortion rate dropped dramatically. Now you know why the Cult of Moloch hates such laws.

5.  A new documentary explores porn addiction. Which makes it worth recalling a recent study that shows (how to put this delicately?) that internet porn use de-sensitizes men to such an extent as to lead to an inability to function.

6.  Bishop Lori presented the Bishops’ concerns about religious liberty to Congress. See also this overview.

7.  Helen Alvare eviscerates the standard “elite” opinion about health care, contraception, and conscience rights.

8.  Piero Tozzi sheds light on the linguistic and philosophical engineering that lies behind much of the Culture of Death.

9.  The pressure increases for NYC to drop its sex education mandate: op-ed from Robert George (in the Times!) and negative attention from the NY Post.

10.  Great story of a faithful man who just wanted to pray the Rosary in public, and how the Lord answered his prayers. If you check out this coverage in the secular news, check out the Rosary he’s holding – it’s a K of C Rosary. Vivat Jesus!.


3 Responses to “Varia”

  1. Peter Rox says:

    I read the articles of both Bishop Lori and also Russell Shaw.

    A few thoughts.

    First, There have never been more Catholics in the United States than there are today, and generally speaking Catholics are financially better off than in previous generations. Yet, the Catholic Church finds that it can not support its churches and schools to keep them all open, and the Church goes to the government for financial support for various programs. Much of the conflict with the government is that the Church hierarchy is trying to tell the governments at the federal, state, or local levels that it should be exempt from various laws that govern everyone else in our nation. One of the most odious examples of this was in Boston when Cardinal Law was arguing that he could not be made to testify in the investigations of all the sexual abuse cases. The Church dealt with that by swiftly moving Law to Rome , where he enjoys a prime position heading Santa Maria Maggiore, as well as a Vatican commission that clears all nominees for the positions of bishop which open in the United States.
    Regarding some of the current matters for which Bishop Lori wants public funds, there is a disagreement about the “best ways” to apply the funds to fight AIDS or to support women caught up in the horrendous problem of human trafficking. The civil (non-church) authorities look to medicine, to science, to public health, to social sciences for shaping the solutions that involve public funds. The Catholic Church looks to its own sources and interpretations of these sources.
    Today’s tensions on these issues are nothing new. Galileo was tried by the Roman Inquisition for his support of the proposition of Copernicus that the sun is the center of the solar system. A lesser figure, Giordano Bruno, theorized about many things in the universe, and received a particularly ugly torture and death under the orders of ( Saint) Robert Bellarmine who was for a period the Roman Inquisitor. Years ago, when I was helping a friend clear out the home of his maiden aunt following her death, i found an old copy of Catholic Digest, featuring an article “May Catholics Use Tampons ?”. The analysis and answer was muddled. In other words, the Catholic hierarchy has always been way behind scientific and medical development.
    The hierarchy would serve the Church far better if it renewed our own Catholic Church. Maybe we would not need to try to pry public funds from the government if more Catholics had faith and trust in the hierarchy and its leadership ? This hierarchy has presided over squandering over $1 Billion in sexual abuse setttlements. It has used and abused religious women to the point that nuns are almost extinct.
    It is a shame that Bishop Lori is supporting the few Catholic town clerks who won’t sign same sex CIVIL marriage licenses. Do these same clerks certify heterosexual divorce decrees? Do they issue all sorts of licenses to couples not even married?
    I am tired of the whining song of persecution claimed by Bishop Lori and Russell Shaw, and last summer by Archbishop Dolan. No one is forcing Catholic Churches to provide Catholic weddings to same sex couples. No one is forcing Catholic agencies to spend its own money on government contracts in ways that do not apply to all in this country. If we Catholics are going with our hands out for government funds, i do not see why we are not required to play by the same rules. At least the government laws and decisions of government agencies have public hearings and public input, quite unlike the structure of our Catholic Church.

  2. James De Silva says:

    Always behind scientific development?

    Monsignor Lemaitre was ahead of his time with respect to cosmology wasn’t he? Even Einstein recognized that.

  3. Ed Mechmann says:

    Roger Bacon, Gregor Mendel, Nicholas Copernicus, etc.

    It’s the old Enlightenment canard, that the Church = anti-science.

    Pope Benedict’s constant theme of the relationship between faith and reason is the necessary response to this.