Controversies and Dinners

There is a controversy brewing in Catholic and pro-life circles over reports that the President has been invited to attend the annual Al Smith Dinner here in New York.  In my opinion, people need to take a deep breath, relax a second, and think carefully about this.

It’s important first to understand what the Al Smith Dinner is, and is not, and then what the invitation means, and what it does not.

The Al Smith Dinner is organized and hosted by the Alfred E. Smith Foundation, which is closely affiliated with but independent of the Archdiocese of New York.  It’s named after Governor Al Smith, an iconic figure in New York politics, who dedicated his life to serving the people of the state, particularly the needy.  He was a classic urban machine politician, but was also committed to working with others across party lines when he saw that it was in the public interest.  He was always proud of his Catholic faith and he defended the Church against attacks against religious bigotry.  He was certainly well familiar with anti-Catholicism, since his own faith was brutally attacked during his run for the Presidency in 1928.

The dinner is not a religious event in any way — it’s a civic/political event that raises money for Catholic charitable institutions.  It’s not held at a religious building — it’s at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel.  It has no religious component aside from a benediction and closing prayer — much like sessions of Congress.  A large proportion of the people who attend the Dinner are not Catholic, and the list of past speakers shows that only once in its almost 70-year history has a religious figure given the keynote address (Cardinal O’Connor).

The dinner has a long tradition of inviting New York elected officials of all parties, and candidates of both major parties for the Presidency.  It is strictly non-partisan, and an invitation to the dinner is in no way an endorsement of any office holder, or any candidate for office.

It’s also important that the politicians who speak at the dinner are not being given any honor or award by the Church, but are rather delivering an address that is one part jocular remarks written by professional jokesters, and two-parts generic political after-dinner bromides.  Any comparison between the Al Smith Dinner and the honorary degree given to the President at Notre Dame’s graduation ceremony is thus completely off-the-mark.

Everybody at the dinner understands this — it’s a civic event, much like a Veteran’s Day parade (but with a fancier menu and white tie).

Some people have been saying that inviting the President in some way undermines or contradicts the Church’s public witness in defense of life and the family.  There is no question that the President’s political agenda and policy record are deplorable from a Catholic perspective — he is consistently anti-life and is ardent in his promotion and support of abortion, he is in favor of re-defining marriage, he opposes parental choice in education, his Administration is a consistent enemy of religious freedom, and there is good reason to believe that he has dealt with our bishops in less than good faith.

Give the consistency and strength with which our bishops — particularly Cardinal Dolan — have been proclaiming the Catholic view of public policy, it is hard to see how this one Dinner could possibly lead anyone to believe that the Church is softening her defense of life, the family, and religious liberty.  When everyone wakes up the morning after, the struggle will resume.

But, as a matter of fact, an invitation to the current incumbent President to the Al Smith Dinner actually sends a message, one that is important in this time of pathologically toxic politics.  It says to us that we can vehemently disagree with a public official’s positions, but we can still show respect for his office, and for him as a person, and treat him with civility.  It gives us an opportunity to act as Christians, and show some love to our adversaries, and even those whose policies we consider to be immoral and oppressive. After all, even St. Peter told us to “honor the emperor” (1 Pet 2:17).

The message is also that we can set aside our deeply-held differences and leave the partisan politics at the door for an evening, speak nicely and politely to each other, and work together for a common cause in the service of the poor.  That’s a good thing, something that Al Smith would have been proud to associate himself with, and something that Catholics and pro-lifers should also support.


Note:  Some bloggers and other news sources have linked to this blog post, and have said that it is a statement by “the Archdiocese”.  Please read the sidebar to this blog: “The opinions expressed by the Bloggers… are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Archdiocese of New York”.  These comments are not an official statement by the Archdiocese or the Cardinal — they represent my opinions, and mine alone.  Clear?  Okay, fire away — but in a civil way, please.

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564 Responses to “Controversies and Dinners”

  1. Ann says:

    We’re not buying it, Ed. Disinvite President Obama. Your excuses are laughable. Act like men.

  2. Ann says:

    #Jeremy.. wow.. excellent post. I had not seen that video. It’s painful.

  3. Damian V says:

    I think I understand the statement- I would become Catholic BUT.
    And I remember there are the FAITHFUL and then there are the rest.
    There is still a chance Cardinal will put a stop to this?
    How can Ed keep his job. He is Catholic.

  4. George Milacek says:

    The Catholic Church in America is so hypocritical with a group of weasels running it. I go to Sunday mass because I believe Jesus founded this church through his apostles and it is the one true church. Actions like the one above tend to drive me from the Church.

    My only response is “[expletive deleted by ETM]”. Cardinal Dolan and his hierarchy are a sham.

  5. Jeannine Howard says:

    This makes no sense at all. It seems like the Arch Diadiocese want to make sure the Catholic vote goes to Obama.

  6. marie elise says:

    Cardinal Dolan, please do not attend this event. We beg you.

  7. Jim says:

    Do you folks not know what Obama is trying to do to our Church? Are you unaware of the Obamacare plan that would have Catholic institutions dispensing birth control devices and drugs? PLEASE!!! – DISINVITE HIM TODAY! You are embarassing those of use out here where the Church is fighting for survival.

  8. Levi says:

    Disinvite Obama. Period.

  9. Rachel says:

    Mr. Mechmann:

    Your blog post is cute to say the least, but not convincing to those Catholics who can see right through the explanation you offer. Right now, when our Church is facing one of its biggest legal battles in the history of America, the last thing our Catholic Church needs is Catholic’s wining and dining with the political left that is so hell bent on attacking our religious freedoms. This action on the part of the Cardinal is embarrassing to say the least. When will there be REAL men within the Church with the courage to do the job that needs to be done?

  10. Beth Ann Boehmler says:

    I think that the President was invited to mollify many of the wealthy, influential, Liberal/Progressive/Socialist attendees. Once again a Church leader causes scandal to the Truth that every Catholic is commissioned to proclaim to the world. And, this leader is head of the
    USCCB! Is it any wonder the Church is in its decline? The opinion of someone who met him in Rome when he was raised to Cardinal was “that he worked the room”. Almost sounds like a Community Organizer to me. He and the President have that in common, at least. It comes down to cash and influence. I wonder what the Holy Father would think of this little gimmick.

  11. sahale93 says:

    Yeah, “these aren’t the droids you’re looking for”…right! Give us all a break. Quit with the lilly livered, lame attempts at dodging and deflecting the issue at hand. This is a Catholic event and inviting, and yes honoring an arch enemy of the Church is scandalous.

  12. Rachel says:

    Al Smith was a Progressive…. So why is the Catholic Church in New York honoring Al Smith with an annual dinner when “The current liberal Progressive movement grew out of social activism movements, Naderite and populist left political movements in conjunction with the civil rights, LGBT (Gay rights), women’s or feminist, and environmental movements of the 1960s–1980s.[49] This exists as a cluster of political, activist, and media organizations ranging in outlook from centrism (e.g., Reform Party of the United States of America) to left-liberalism to social democracy (like the Green Party) and sometimes even democratic socialism (like the Socialist Party USA). “

    Folks dig deeper to see what’s really going on here!

    Making sense why Obama’s been invited!!!! Can you imagine that the Prince of the Church in New York and his “employees” think they can fool the real Catholics?

  13. Katie Dux says:

    Go to for this week. Mike Voris speaks clearly and succinctly to Mr. Mechmann’s blog. Pray for Cardinal Dolan. Start here:

  14. Still waiting for the Cardinals response. It is absolutely crazy that they allow you to post this with no approval from a superior when it comes to a matter like this.

  15. Mr. Mechmann do you think your blog post did any good?

  16. OUR church’s Officials NEED to be more servants of Christ than Dignataries for SHOW!!! One would think of all their education they would be ABLE to better handle things such as the homosexuality –abortion and a host of OTHER problems confronting us all in this every day world?? DGL

  17. Tom says:

    This blog is wrong in so many ways, as many have already pointed out. Please, Cardinal Dolan, please disinvite Pres. Obama and let it be known that the Catholic Church will NOT tolerate an adminstration that is on a mission to destroy the Catholic Church in America. My prayers go out to you and the archdiocese of New York.

  18. Tom L. says:

    I just thought of something. There is one way Cardinal Dolan could redeem himself without disinviting Obama — denounce Obama’s policies right in front of him, the media, and all those present at the dinner. This would be a much more powerful way to reinforce Catholic teaching than by disinviting the President. It’s long shot, but I can at least hope….

  19. Erasmus says:

    Shame on you Cardinal. Your modernist sympathies are anathema to our savior. I pray for your excommunication.

  20. Faithful Catholic says:

    Obama’s presence at an event such as the Catholic Al Smith Fundraiser is scandalous. He is the most pro- abortion president we have ever had, he has done away with the conscience clause for health care professionals and he has mandated abortions, sterilizations and abortifacients be provided by Catholic institutions. Many Catholic organizations are suing him in court over these issues. If the Catholic Cardinals, Bishops, priests cave on this issue, I hope they are trained for another profession – because they will be no longer needed after they destroy their Church.

  21. Susan says:

    If the diocese is not in control of the dinner there is only one choice. If Obama is not disinvited then Cardinal Dolan and any faithful Catholic should not attend and should not take any money raised at the dinner…Cardinal Dolan, will you betray Jesus for 30 pieces of silver?

  22. Michael Patrick says:

    Mr. Mechmann, your blog post was foolish. Now, as a result, you have become the scapegoat for Cardinal Dolan who didn’t have the courage nor the character to defend his immoral decision. Now that Michael Voris has given you the public spanking you deserved, you really should get on your knees and ask for forgiveness. Lastly, in case you think that the Kingdom of Heaven works like NY politics, Cardinal Dolan probably will not be waiting at the Gates of Heaven to usher you in with his party. He’s gonna be a little late.


  23. Joe says:

    Well the true colors of our Catholic Bishops is shining through, its all about the MONEY, get Obama there so more MONEY in the coffers.
    The Bishops and PARTICULARLY DOLAN are a disgrace. An absolute disgrace.
    Selling the Church’s soul for MONEY. Way to go…Terrible, sinful, cowardly…I’ll
    stop there if I say what I really want to say, it will never get printed.

  24. Ruby says:

    I would like to beg you all to rescind President Obama’s invitation to this AL Smith’s Dinner.
    It’s already causing horrible exploitation with secular pro-Obama mainstream media & Liberal Catholic media.
    The lies that will be put out there are enormous as they play on how it will be perceived by a lot of Catholics. It’s also fueling the great division that already exists in our church. Instead of uniting the faithful, this event is intensely dividing us.
    It’s very disheartening & weakening for those fighting against all the onslaught of attacks on our Catholic teachings to not have the consistent support of the heirarchy of our church. We were so happy when you were standing strong against the HHS mandate. Please reconsider and stand by us, I hope & pray to God!

  25. Frank B says:

    AHH yes, the disclaimer on the sidebar means it is to official. Give me a break. Another very sad day for the faithful.

  26. Maria says:

    Mr Mechman,

    I think your response is just full of rubbish.

    You should watch Michale Vorst debunking of your response.

    Frankly, it is duplicitous and hypocritical concerning you claim to be pro-life.

    To Cardinal Dolan, I don’t know what has gotten over you.

    The Church in America is battling this evil president and you invite him to dinner?

    No wonder the fight agains the HHS Mandate went south.

  27. coco says:

    Shame on you, Mr. Mechmann for being so dishonest. Please do not call yourself Catholic.

  28. Rachel says:

    Al Smith was a liberal progressive. Can anyone tell me what a liberal progressive is? Obama! Cardinal, please disinvite Obama. Folks, maybe the cardinal is dining with this man because he thinks he can “save Obama’s soul”. Why, after all, didn’t Jesus eat with the sinners of his day?

    This makes a laughing stock of the Church. Please disinvite Obama.

  29. Bill says:

    You make the point that this situation is nothing like the Notre Dame scandal. I would agree. It is worse. As a graduate of Notre Dame, I vocally opposed the invitation to the graduation because I knew the background and intentions of Mr. Obama. Many did not and believed they were honoring a new president that would engage in dialog and listen to the position of the Church. We now know the focus and intent of those who are advancing the anti-life agenda and it is nothing more than the destruction of the Church and all that it stands for. If we can all take time out and have some fun with those who are trying to destroy the Church, then we are not serious about the threat that is facing the Church and we are not serious about what must be done to reverse their progress.

  30. Greg Braum says:

    Your Eminence Cardinal Dolan, Father of the Church of New York.

    Mother Theresa had the answer. Don’t fund raise. Fund raising is a curse. In a Church that trusts Providence, fund raising is unnecessary. Mother Theresa did not fund raise. She arrived in Johannesburg South Africa with 4 nuns and no money, and left with a two million dollar building. She arrived in New York with 5 nuns and no money and left with a two million dollar building. Fund raising turns the focus to money and restricts the work to the funds raised. Providence owns everything, and not even the sky’s the limit. The Gospel message on trusting God is real or it’s not.

    We ran a Catholic family life mission for seven years through southern africa with 65 missionaries, never once fund raising. Miracle after miracle. A wonderful, hope filled, radical Gospel message.

    Don’t cancel Obama, cancel the whole dinner. Make a radical decision for Providence, one that will shock the world into Life.

    Our prayer and love
    Greg & Anne Braum
    Johannebsurg, South Africa

  31. Stephen Montoya says:

    Could you imagine St John the Baptist extending such an invitation to Herod? Could you picture St John “putting differences aside” (i.e. the Gospel) and hosting a pretentious “civic event” –sipping brandy and smoking cigars with the adulterous King and ruthlessly exploiting Herod’s position and title to garner funds for “charity”?

    Absolutely not! St John trusted and relied on God to supply all needs. Moreover, he admonished King Herod for his sin of adultery–bearing witness to the Gospel with boldness and fidelity even unto death. Cardinal Dolan which path are you following: 1.) The narrow path walked by St John the Baptist and the red & white martyrs; 2.) The wide path walked by Judas Iscariot (and all his ilk) who kissed and betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver?

  32. Karen says:

    Dear Archbishop Dolan,

    I am a convert who loves the Faith and I am doing all I can do to learn more so I can defend our Faith.

    So many have been fighting the HHS mandate financially, prayerfully and physically and with your actions I feel you are turning your back on your “flock”.

    We were proud of your original stand and now many are feeling like the fight is useless if Our Bishop’s, Priest’s and Religious do not stand strong in the fight with us.

    I am confused and deeply concerned about President Barack Obama being invited to the 10/18/12 Alfred E. Smith dinner. Obama has repeatedly attacked the Catholic Church and the Church is suing his administration over his contraception mandate. And now, we invite him to a high-profile Catholic fundraising event? Past sitting Presidents were not invited to this same event for less.

    Please defend our Holy Catholic Church no matter the cost. This is what your Priesthood is all about.

    I a simple lady am willing to die for my Faith and I am counting on you to be strong to withdraw the invitation.

    God bless you and know that I am praying for you.

    Please respond.

    “Father Forgive Me for what I Have Done & What I Have Failed To Do.”

  33. Philip Viverito says:

    Dear Arch Bishop,
    What could you possibly be thinking in regard to inviting the Catholic Church’s most dangerous enemy. Christ ate with sinners that were tax collectors, prostates and others. Never did he sit down with the devil himself. In fact He was tempted by the devil. Are you being tempted by the devil?

    St. Lawrence brought to the Emperor the treasures of the Church- the poor and the ill. You have brought to the President the treasure of the Church; it’s acceptance by our teachers. You have been infected with New York City morals.

    Why not come to Buffalo again and see the results of the leadership of people like the President? Did you see nothing when you were here? Western New York is being destroyed by such leadership.

    You as our teacher are confusing our Church members in New York by your actions. You are luke warm.

    I will pray for your conversion and return to Catholic Christian values and judgement.

  34. Mr. Mechmann, this piece is probably the most over the top example of equivocation I’ve ever seen!

    Is this or is this not a CATHOLIC event? Does it matter if you say it is “religious”, when it is, unmistakably, a Catholic event. No, it is not the Mass or Vespers, or, to get closer to your brand of Catholicism, a Communal Reconciliation Liturgy. However, there is no way to argue this dinner is not a Catholic event, and as such is not just merely a “civic” event. It is being organized by Catholics to commemorate the first Catholic to run for POTUS. This event is organized by a foundation that is headed by Cardinal Dolan. The money raised is given to the Archdiocese. Catholicism has always been celebrated at this dinner. To call this a civic event is, simply, a lie.

    When you say this event is “non-partisan”, you are trying to deflect from the reasons for the criticism. We don’t care what party President Obama comes from, and our own party affiliation has nothing to do with our outrage. The only thing that matters is that President Obama and his administration, never mind their party affiliation, is the most pro-abortion and anti-Catholic the country has ever had.

    To say that Obama is not being honored is to ask us to re-define the word “honor”. If you told me I was invited as a speaker to the Al Smith dinner, I would consider that a great honor. Do you think that President Obama isn’t honored to be invited? In what situation can someone be invited to speak at a Catholic event, to be one of the keynote speakers, no less, and it not be an honor? It is clear that any HONEST person would clearly see a similarity to what happened at the University of Notre Dame in 2008, at which I was present for that treason.

    Dear Sir, there is no way to get around it. Despite your equivocations, this amounts to nothing less than yet another treason against Holy Mother Church and Catholics everywhere. This isn’t a case of a dinner causing the Church to soften her teachings regarding the sanctity of life or her moral teachings regarding the sanctity of the marital act (or religious freedom, if you so choose). Nothing you or your bishop can do will ever change those things. However, it most definitely is the case that you and your archbishop are acting in an inappropriate manner that undermines the Church’s teachings in practice, and that cause scandal to the faithful, and that cause the world to jeer at the “hypocrisy of the Church” because it is easy for them to equate your hypocrisy to the Church you claim to represent. The New York media sees the clear connection between the Notre Dame treason and yours, and so do we.

    Showing “civility” to our enemies isn’t the goal, Mr. Mechmann. Nowhere does Our Blessed Lord tell us “show civility to your enemies”. Rather, He tells us to love our enemies, to do good to those who persecute us. How can inviting Obama to a dinner, glad hand him, wine him and dine him, and give him the impression that our conviction to the Church’s teachings regarding the sanctity of life and the marital act can simply be turned off at will for the sake of taking a break be construed by you as an act of love or goodness? What you and your bishop are telling President Obama is that the Church’s teachings regarding life aren’t all that important in comparison to a human desire to diffuse “toxic politics.” You are telling President Obama a lie, and that is never, under any circumstances, an act of love. If you want to treat President Obama with “civility”, by all means do so; while you are in court fighting the repulsive mandate and refrain from calling him a whiten sepulcher or a blind guide. That’s your prerogative, sir, but don’t be surprised if your conveyance of a lie is criticized by us as thoroughly un-Christ-like and completely un-Catholic.

    To oppose Obama, at every moment, for his anti-Catholic and anti-Life policies is not to show incivility. Your suggestion that to oppose Obama for these policies is somehow not to love him reveals much about your own character and your own agenda. Such equivocation demonstrates, at least to me, that you agree with his policies, and the fact that you hold such a position in the Church confirms my own theories as to how someone like Barack Obama could become POTUS in the first place. It would appear that Catholics like have more allegiance to the views and politics of liberals like President Obama than to Holy Mother Church. Your own words reveal as much.

  35. James Randisi says:

    Obama’s invitation should be rescinded. All of his actions speak loudly of his intention to attack religious liberty in general and Catholicism and its beliefs in particular. The invitation is confusing to all good Catholics who have made efforts to support Cardinal Dolan in his fight against our government’s outrageous demands in the HHS mandate. The scenario gives Obama an appearance of tacit support from the Archdiocese. And, please don’t insut our intelligence and tell us the Archdiocese has no input into this decision. President Clinton was not given an invitation in the past because of his pro-abortion stand. If we are to be the church militant here on earth, our leaders cannot appear to cohort with the enemy.

  36. Athanasius says:

    I’m sorry, but this event just confirms the general disinterest, now bubbling over into apathy, at the sight of the Bishops holding “freedom rallies”, and other such nonsensical things to oppose Obama. If this is the Cardinal’s “leadership” then Obama and HHS have nothing to worry about. With this very scandalous invitation, coupled with the fact that Catholic Relief Services is giving millions to groups that hand out condoms and promote abortion over seas, it is little wonder that nobody takes the bishops seriously. While Catholics in the 3rd century would certainly have obeyed legitimate commands from the likes of Decius or Diocletian, their bishops would not have invited them to dinner. Such would have been seen as a massive scandal and even a betrayal. Wake up Cardinal! Obama will become worse than Diocletian. Things like this and the bishops failure to address contraception mandates in health insurance from state governments 20 years ago when health professionals began warning the USCCB of this problem are the reason we are in this mess now, and an invite like this sends the message that Obama can roll over the Church, no serious problem here.
    I will not attend your “freedom” rallies, or pay the slightest attention to the pithy useless platitude statements on cherished values, because this confirms a long track record of showing no interest in cultivating real Catholic values, firstly the salvation of souls through the defense of the faith. If you want to show “leadership”, instead of getting people to waste their time with rallies cherishing liberties defined and expressed by an anti-catholic enlightenment philosophy that you will get people to do something useful: boycott the system. Close down all Catholic hospitals, get catholics to boycott all luxuries and all goods to trade with eachother when possible. Watch how fast Obama will come crawling back to the table. With that you will make your displeasure known.
    My only hope is, like the Church of North Africa in Cyprian’s time, that you and the hapless USCCB will learn your lesson when the martyrdoms begin. Don’t believe it will happen? Then I’m really sorry, you confirm why I have no trust in you.

  37. JRico says:

    You think the lay is stupid… We know that President Obama was not invited to a Mass. We want to respect both offices the President’s and the Cardinal’s, but this is a slap in the face of the lay. President Obama is a Godless President that is making us a Godless government; this government which you can legally kill your children and go to jail for disciplining them. For this reason President should not be and ANY Catholic event help raise money for Catholic organizations.

    I think people should email the Holy Father and let his office know what going on here: His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI

  38. Joseph Kozuh says:

    Edward Mechmann = A politician and “hired gun” for “The Church of Nice”

  39. Joseph Kozuh says:

    I recall the days of Sen. Ted Kennedy … . He pushed ABORTION and CONTRACEPTION and BIG GOD-less GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS, and the USCCB just loved him … .

  40. Joseph Kozuh says:

    Edward Mechmann = Judas Iscariot

  41. Greg Hohman says: – Couldn’t agree more Cardinal Archbishop Dolan, respectfully, gh

  42. Shawk says:

    Most Catholics are prepared to vote against Obama. At least those of us that go to mass and understand the oppression against us. My entire diocese says a prayer to St. Michael to help us in this battle at EVERY mass for the last 6 months. Obama is very clearly the church’s biggest enemy in decades.

    If you let this dinner take place you are going to confuse many Catholics. And understand that the liberal media will most certainly plaster pictures of the Cardinal and Obama laughing and drinking wine together at the happy gala event. And it will be turned against the church as the media “proves” that the Catholics support his position. Oh what a terrible message this will send.

    There is nothing to lose by dis-inviting Obama and so much to gain.

  43. Anthony says:

    We are praying fo you.
    Your surprise election to head the USCCB drew notice.
    Your lack of action as NY passed gay marriage drew even more notice.
    Now this is drawing notice again.
    Follow in the footsteps of Egan and O’Connor as they did not invite Kerry and Clinton.
    No good can come of you being seen with this man. I shudder to think of the captions to those photos irregardlesss of an election.
    Do not send mixed messages to the souls who are confused or fallen. Drive the moneychanger from the temple! Don’t forget the lies in 2009 at ND! We have less than a year to figure out how to violate our consciences.
    Show us your leadersip, show us your love.
    We are watching. We are praying.

  44. Marty says:

    Ephesians 6:11-13: “Put on the armor of God so that you may be able to stand firm against the tactics of the devil. For our struggle is not with flesh and blood but with the principalities, with the powers, with the world rulers of this present darkness, with the evil spirits in the heavens. Therefore, put on the armor of God, that you may be able to resist on the evil day and, having done everything, to hold your ground.”

    USCCB translation: “Eat, drink, and be merry as long as it raises money for a good cause and gives you a chance to mingle with those in power.”

  45. Victoria says:

    Dear Cardinal Dolan: May the Lord have mercy on all of the Judas in the Church who sell themselves for few coins or power. By not taking a concrete position you chose a position: “So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.” Rev 3:16 You were made our Archbishop and a Cardinal to protect the Church from the attacks of the wolves, not to make friends with them. We, the sons of light don’t make friends with the sons of darkness. Just so you know, this is a battle, and we must fight! That’s what the martirs did, that’s what the saints did, that’s what people who love God with all of their minds, hearts, and soul do, FIGTH! Don’t let us down like Judas did by selling Our Lord to His enemies. If you want to be a true disciple, so behave like one. Because by your fruits, you will be recongnized, and it is by your fruits that you will be rejected by the Judge Almighty. May the Lord help you to have the courage to stand for the truth.


  46. Therese Roth says:

    Mechmann writes:

    “take a deep breath, relax a second, and think carefully about this.” That is the most condescending statement I have ever heard. Dis-invite Obama, Cardinal Dolan. You are losing all credibility.

  47. Barbara Holbaugh says:

    I sent a blog yesterday and I will re-iterate this. When Governor Cuomo was elected in 2010, the celebration was at the Waldorf Astoria and Cardinal Dolan attended this celebration. Governor Cuomo at that time lived openly with his girlfriend, attended church and received communion. He also is pro-choice and passed gay marriage. Kirsten Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer were there also. They too support these evils.
    Now, we have this scandal. Unless for some reason, this is not true that Obama has an invite to Al Smith’s Dinner.
    Cardinal Dolan should respond to these allegations so we know the truth and/or rescind the invitation. The teaching of the church as I understand it, is that the needs of the body before the soul is never compromised by accepting any help from those who support evil. Even though they do not know it. Explain why to them Cardinal. The Church started accepting money from the government and now the Bishops (not all) are under their power? Close the USSCB and let us return to helping the poor as we used to do by the faithful’s donations. Do not allow the government to run our church and throw out the priests, bishops, nuns and laity if necessary, by excommunication until they repent and turn back to the church. There is no merit in giving the poor at the expense of the soul. The body does not come before the soul in our Catholic Teaching. Unfortunately, many Catholics have not been taught well. Even if we have to close down all institutions for awhile and begin smaller. Stop hurting Almighty God’s House!!! Holy Mother Mary Pray for Us.

  48. Robert S says:

    If the invitation to Obama stands, Cardinal Dolan should stick to his principles and announce that he will not be attending and he should resign from the Foundation’s board. Then he won’t be conflicted.

  49. Steve F says:

    In your bio, it says that you are a 4th Degree Knight. The following is from the Knight’s official web site, What We Do tab, Fourth Degree Knights link (bottom of page):
    Vision & Goals

    – Standing Firm in Support of the Order
    – Proudly Serving the Country
    – Unwavering Support of the Faith
    Knights of the Patriotic Degree hold unwaveringly to what is right and honorable, working to keep God in the civic arena, serving the life of the Church, and defending laws that recognize the sanctity of life and true religious liberty.
    – Honoring the Legacy of Knighthood

    Please explain how your message here lives up to this noble vision and these noble goals.

  50. This is nothing less than SCANDALOUS, and an institution as riddled with scandal as the USCCB exhibits alarming symptoms of some kind of corporate insanity by actively courting further and more explosive causes of scandal. If the subject matter wasn’t so very serious, Cardinal Dolan’s inexplicable spiritual and political schizophrenia would be cause for mirth – is it, in fact, the Cardinal Archbishop’s purpose to render any vestige of power and prestige left to the American bishops flaccid and meaningless? If so, one could hardly invent a better course to achieve that goal.

    A VERY brief recap of some of the USCCB’s peccadillos:

    -After willfully distorting the conclusions of the Second Vatican Council (the “Spirit of Vatican II), the American Church allows radical Protestantization of Catholic liturgy and ecclesial environments, and the bastardization and perversion of pastoral and seminary catechesis puts the Church in a multi-generational tailspin from which she has yet to recover;

    -Homosexual priest sex abuse scandal destroys much of the prestige and trust enjoyed by the Catholic Church in America for over a century, and the endless settlement payouts beggar diocese after diocese;

    CCHD funding ACORN and other organizations who work in direct opposition to Church teaching;

    …and TODAY, the CCHD’s CRS subsidiary is now known to have partnered with CARE in promoting and delivering products and services in diametric contravention to the exhortations of the Magisterium…all while the bishops are fighting the U.S. government’s attempt to force Catholics and those of other religions to act against the tenets of their faiths by compelling them to provide…free contraception. How can this be seen as anything other than feckless self-contradiction, and why should an organization embroiled in such internal incongruity be taken at all seriously by the forces that assail it from without? Cardinal Dolan MUST insist that the Al Smith Foundation withdraw the invitation to Obama IMMEDIATELY (since the masthead lists him as “president” of the foundation’s board of directors, we can safely assume that his opinion carries great weight within that body’s deliberations)!