What About the Other Women?

In support of the radical abortion expansion bill, the “Reproductive Health Act”, advocates have been arguing that the bill would make no changes in current New York law. Instead, they argue that it’s an integral part of a “women’s equality agenda”.

We certainly support most, if not all, of the items on the Governor’s “women’s equality” agenda. But the thing is, we’re looking at making things better for all women — and making sure the law protects all women.

Unfortunately, the supporters of the RHA are leaving a lot of women out of the “women’s equality” agenda — the unborn ones.

Current New York law recognizes society’s strong and legitimate interest in protecting unborn women. It criminalizes a direct attack on an unborn child, outside of the context of a lawful abortion — like domestic violence incidents where the assailant is trying to cause a miscarriage. And even in the case of abortion, it recognizes that unborn children are worthy of some protections, such as our statute requiring that abortions be performed only by doctors, and regulations of abortion clinic practice.

That’s because the vast majority of New Yorkers, as revealed in a recent poll, understand that unborn human life is not a mere afterthought.

But the Reproductive Health Act would largely strip these protections from the law, and leave unborn children — including the women — vulnerable to domestic violence and unregulated abortion practices. The requirement that only doctors perform abortions would be eliminated, and the standard of review for abortion regulations would be raised so high that virtually nothing would pass scrutiny.  Even a ban on sex selection abortions — which deliberately target women — would almost certainly fail to satisfy the standards required by RHA.

What’s ironic is that in the 2011 State of the State Address, when speaking of future state workers, the Governor referred to them as “the unborn”. He knows what he’s talking about. And so do we.

Too bad that, in pursuit of legitimate legislative measures in support of some women, the advocates for the Reproductive Health Act are all too willing to disregard the women in the womb.


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