The Meanings of the Gosnell Verdict

The Philadelphia abortionist, Kermit Gosnell, has now been convicted of multiple counts of murder. It is a sad testament to the disordered legal environment that prevails in America could a man who aborted viable babies every single day will only be held accountable to the law for a small fraction of the number of children whose lives he snuffed out so brutally.  It is equally bizarre that this man would now face the possibility of a death sentence as a penalty for these deaths that he caused (we pray that he will not be executed, so that he may have more time to come to repentance).

Many people are asking what is the significance of this verdict. I believe it has meaning far beyond this particular case.

It reveals the true nature of an industry whose product is death and heartbreak, masked by the duplicitous propaganda of “choice”. It indicts a profession that fails to rid itself of members whose practices are reminiscent of an ancient age of barbarism. It condemns the political and government mindset — not just in Philadelphia, but in other “liberal” areas like New York — so ideologically blinded in its devotion to sexual liberation without consequences that it ignores the duty to enforce rudimentary health and safety codes. It casts judgment upon a society so deeply steeped in the Culture of Death that it averts its eyes from the reality of abortion — thousands of lives snuffed out every day, others damaged physically or psychologically — until a grossly sensational story compels it to pay brief attention.

The verdict offers our wounded society a moment of painful self-awareness. It also holds out a chance to turn away from the path that leads to the Gosnell clinics around us, and enter instead the path of reason, compassion, love, and redemption. We must pray — and work — that our society chooses rightly.

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4 Responses to “The Meanings of the Gosnell Verdict”

  1. DottyDay says:

    Gosnell is having a chilling impact on the clinic workers who know that it is much more common for babies to be born alive in late term abortions than we’ve ever imagined. Clinic workers are turning whistleblower fearful of criminal charges like 8 of Gosnell’s people. Mark Crutcher at Life Dynamics is documenting the horrors witnessed by clinic workers who assisted in late term abortions. The testimony is stunning. Gosnell is only the tip of the iceberg. 40 years of abortion. 54 million cruel deaths. Our God is not mocked. The veil of the abortion temple has been torn in two.

  2. Anne says:

    The NY Archdiocese pays for abortion coverage, and has for many years, for its health care workers according to the New York Times article published on May 27. What is going on here

  3. Ed Mechmann says:

    You have to understand how things work in a strong union shop state like New York. 1199 is essentially the mandatory union for health care workers. The trade association is the industry’s recognized bargaining agent for the hospitals. Once they negotiate a contract with 1199, that’s the contract for everyone in the industry — even if you weren’t a member of the association, you would still have to sign the standard industry contract. The union won’t negotiate separately. It’s a “take it or leave it” proposition.

    So, it is in reality a coerced arrangement. There’s no way to provide health care in New York without this union and this contract. It’s an identical situation morally to paying taxes that go to Medicaid contraception and abortion — the remote cooperation with evil is mitigated by the fact that our conduct is involuntary.

  4. DottyDay says:

    Anne, I call this “What comes around goes around.” 1199 = SEIU = Acorn = marxist, communist, socialist organizations = Alinsky = Obama = Obamacare (the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) = universal healthcare = HHS mandate = ??????????