The Culture of Death and Lawlessness

The Culture of Death is a culture of lawlessness.  Once our nation violated the natural law by permitting the killing of innocents by abortion, it inevitably began to ignore or jettison other laws as well.  You can see this in what passes for Supreme Court “jurisprudence” on abortion, which has regularly invented Rube Goldberg-like legal arguments, twisted precedents, and distorted the meaning of language in order to perpetuate an unjust regime under which unborn children have no rights that our lawmakers are bound to respect.

News in the past few days has brought new evidence of the inherent lawlessness of the Culture of Death.  A report by the Congressional Accountability Office has revealed that the implementation of the Affordable Care Act has resulted in massive taxpayer subsidizing of elective abortion.

Remember, the Act was passed largely because of last-minute promises by the Administration.  They gave assurances that people would be able to buy plans that don’t cover elective abortions, and that no taxpayer funds would be used directly or indirectly to pay for elective abortions.  Health plans offered through the state exchanges would be permitted to cover abortion, but no taxpayer-funded subsidies were supposed to be used to buy coverage for elective abortion.  Insurers that covered elective abortions would be required to collect a separate payment from policy holders, in order to ensure that taxpayer subsidies did not pay for abortions.

Many of us doubted the sincerity of those promises at the time and were dubious of the Administration’s commitment to put them into practice.  Our pessimism has proven to have been right. The GAO’s report found the following:

  • Twenty-eight states allow insurance plans sold on their exchanges to cover abortion. In those 28 states, 1,036 plans include elective abortion coverage, while 1,062 only cover abortion in the case of rape, incest or to preserve the mother’s life.
  • Every single taxpayer-supported plan sold in New Jersey, Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Hawaii covers elective abortion.
  • Other states, including our own, are nearly as bad — in New York, 405 out of the 426 plans offered cover elective abortions. In Massachusetts, 109 out of 111 cover abortions. In California, 86 out of the 90 plans cover it.  In these large states, between 95% and 98% of plans cover elective abortion.
  • The GAO specifically interviewed 18 insurers, who offered three-quarters of the coverage in the twenty-eight states that allow abortion coverage.  Fifteen confirmed that they covered all abortions, none of them charged separately for abortion coverage, and none of them even itemized the coverage on their bills.
  • To put it plainly, the law is being ignored on a massive scale.  Every American taxpayer is now paying for elective abortion, and millions of pro-life Americans have no choice but to pay out of their own pockets for the death of innocents.

    So much for promises and assurances from this lawless Administration, whose commitment to the Cult of Moloch is absolute.

    The Culture of Death corrupts everything it touches.  It has corrupted our legal and medical professions, and the rule of law itself.

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    5 Responses to “The Culture of Death and Lawlessness”

    1. DottieDay says:

      Anyone with eyes to see knew that the lawless pagans advocating for Obamacare were leading us into temptation.

      The USCCB saw only “universal healthcare” albeit with some small elements of abortion/sterilization/contraceptive/euthanasia that they trusted would surely be dispatched on the road to utopia.

      We had wonderful Catholics and doctrinal experts like Nancy Pelosi telling us: “But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”

      You would think the bishops had their eyes poked out, they were so blind to this clever devilish ruse.

      Now, you can try to work it all out in the courts. You can struggle with whatever it means to our politics and our freedoms. But the fact is, the Catholic bishops led the parade because they lusted after the utopia promised by their false god.

    2. Ed Mechmann says:

      @DottieDay — please think carefully about what you’re posting here — you’re letting your dislike for the President lead you into serious uncharity (bordering on calumny) towards the bishops.

    3. DottieDay says:

      In this case it is not my dislike for the President but for the untrustworthy Democrats who played the bishops and the Catholic Church like a fiddle via the USCCB. How could our bishops have ignored the culture of death mentality of that party which has no use for our souls or our eternal destiny. Instead the bishops saw what they wanted to see — the wonderful dream of universal healthcare — the good coming from what? giving that same pagan State control over our physical health. The bishops saw no unintended consequences. No collateral damage. They saw none of this coming? How could they do that to us? And still not blink an eye as to how wrong they were when they collaborated with the government to get the legislation passed.

      But I am shaken by the word calumny that you use. Where is the lie? Or the near lie? My conscience has to know how to examine this.

      ….and please use my screen name

    4. Ed Mechmann says:


      The phrase that raised an alarm for me was this: “the Catholic bishops led the parade because they lusted after the utopia promised by their false god.”

      That goes beyond a healthy (and strongly worded) disagreement over policy, which is fair game. It falsely accuses the bishops of the sin of idolatry.

    5. DottieDay says:

      I am sorry to have spoken of our bishops in an accusatory and false tone that bordered on sinful calumny. Believe it or not, I do try to carefully word what I post and not let my passions get the better of my reason. I didn’t do that in this posting. I am sorry for stating what I did. I’ll be more careful in the future with God’s help.

      Having said that, I would like to address the spiritual blindness of our world and most painfully of our Church. This blindness manifest itself from the very beginning of the Obama run for President in 2008 when then candidate Obama was presented to America, in his own words, as the one “we were waiting for”. His campaign carefully crafted quasi-religious statements and oratory that alluded to his Messianic stature and America was seduced by the subconscious messages of a masterful advertising campaign. It was reinforced with many pictures of him with halo-like lighting surrounding his head. These were the images commonly used in his campaign and America saw what he said we should see…no surprise as we are an advertising culture. But for Catholics there were few alarm bells being sounded. And so 52% of Catholics voted for him the first time, and 54% of Catholics the second time. Where were our shepherds? It appears they were blinded as well. Did they buy the product without really examining its spiritual costs?

      It is this spiritual blindness — a blindness to the darkness we are being called to by the world — that deeply concerns me. I want my children and grandchildren to go to heaven. And I make the connection between the blindness and the terrible loss of souls. Will we not be warned about buying into the promises of the world? Where are the Catholic alarmists? We are drowning in lies. Will we come to our senses? Who will lead us?