Just Us Unedjikated Pro-lifers Here

The absurd insular intellectual pretensions of our elite betters are rarely on display as blatantly and laughably as in David Brooks’ most recent column in the New York Times.

Mr. Brooks reflected in his column on the fact that public opinion is shifting away from the positions held by “the educated class” on issues like abortion, climate change, “internationalism”, etc. After all, Mr. Brooks opines, all the “educated class” are in favor of “abortion rights”. I’m reading between the lines here, but that says to me that Mr. Brooks thinks that only “uneducated” people could possibly be against abortion.


I can only think that Mr. Brooks needs to get out more often, or at least he needs to encounter somebody other than the people he sees every day in the Times’ newsroom and the PBS television studio. Perhaps he could amble down to Princeton, where he might run across people like Robert George, the pro-life philosopher who was apparently “educated” enough that the Times even ran a profile of him recently. Or he could head north to Amherst, where he might meet Hadley Arkes, the philosopher and legal scholar who helped draft the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act. If he’d rather stay in the same area code, I’m sure that some of the folks associated with First Things magazine or National Review would be happy to find the time to talk to him. There actually is no shortage of people with fancy initials after their names and pretty diplomas on their walls, who can easily explain why they oppose abortion, in terms comprehensible even to members of the “educated class”.

As for me, I’m perfectly happy hob-nobbing with my fellow “uneducated” types. I much prefer being with people who don’t need the kind of “education” that fails to understand the perfectly obvious truth — that an unborn child is a member of the human race, that she deserves our affection and love, and that society has an obligation to ensure that nobody will dismember her.

It’s times like these that you really miss Fr. Richard John Neuhaus, who passed into eternal life just last year. With his puckish wit, he could certainly have done justice to this latest example of the delusive and risible conceit of the “educated class.”

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