Knowing and Caring

In the last few weeks, there have been a series of news stories about the horrific practices of the group I like to call the Temple of Moloch because of their devotion to the destruction of children — Planned Parenthood.

The videos were taken by a man who assumed a false identity so that he could meet with staff members of Planned Parenthood, to gain information about their practices of “harvesting” fetal tissue from aborted children. As an aside, I have previously expressed my opinion that these “undercover” tactics involve immoral acts of lying to the Planned Parenthood staff: see here  and here. The immorality of the undercover operation, however, does not affect the truth of what was exposed.

The videos expose yet another ugly face of abortion. The Planned Parenthood staff members coldly and callously discuss how they “harvest” organs and other tissue for use in experiments, and how they carefully maneuver to barely avoid violating federal laws against the sale of human tissue. If ever we wanted proof of the corrosive effect of sin on the human soul and character, these videos would be Exhibit One.

Many pro-lifers are hoping that these new revelations will be a landmark event, providing the public with irrefutable evidence of the evil of abortion and the humanity of unborn children. This, they hope, will turn the tide against the Culture of Death. I wish with all my heart for that to be true, but in order for that to happen, there’s one essential step that has to be taken.

People need to start caring.

It has been evident for many years, and certainly since routine ultrasounds for pregnant women, that people are either well aware of the humanity of the unborn child, or they are culpably blind to that fact.  The truth of what abortion does is clear for any to see, especially since the major debate over partial birth abortion two decades ago.  With the advent of the internet age, all the facts are out there, as easily accessible as a quick trip to Wikipedia.  Our lawmakers certainly know what abortion is and what it does — the various methods were even explicitly described in blood-chilling detail in a famous Supreme Court decision.

The problem really isn’t that people lack sufficient knowledge.  It’s that people just don’t care enough for things to change.

Our modern society is built on a foundation of sexual liberation.  Contraception, with abortion as a back-up method, is an essential component of that.  And the sad fact is that a majority of the American people are so committed to sexual liberty that they are willing to tolerate a massive number of abortions — almost 1 million each year.  They are also willing to provide massive amounts of money — over half a billion dollars of taxpayer money — to support Planned Parenthood, which kills over 300,000 children every year.

This can change.  People can declare that “enough is enough”.  They can show compassion for every human child, and for mothers in difficult situations. They can decide not to support legalized killing of children.  They can elect representatives who will change our laws.  They can reject death as the easy answer to all of our problems.

We already know all that we need to know.  We need to care.

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6 Responses to “Knowing and Caring”

  1. CA says:

    Bulls eye- bc that’s the bottom line. They want to have sex with no strings attached and won’t let some baby get in the way. And PP and DC are happy to help with that- just give them your money/vote and done!

  2. Tony says:

    “As an aside, I have previously expressed my opinion that these “undercover” tactics involve immoral acts of lying to the Planned Parenthood staff”

    Ed – does that mean it is immoral for Catholics to be part of the CIA or other spy agencies?

  3. Ed Mechmann says:

    I discuss the morality of lying in the posts I linked to. The basic point is that the private party who lies to Planned Parenthood “is not a government agency, acting under color of authority to enforce the law or defend the nation — they are private parties, acting on their own initiative. In addition, undercover agents and spies are actually who they claim to be — they actually are drug buyers, for example — but they justifiably protect a professional secret (i.e., their actual identity and profession), in order to preserve their own safety and that of others.”

  4. Investigative journalism here is non-violent. Abortion is not. Individual Americans (private parties) may not be governments, but they do participate “in government”. Grassroots activism often informs where government fails…and especially and because government too can fail and lie. I get your point, somewhat, and will read your arguments on the morality of lying. I used to do investigative work for a detective agency. My job was to hold stores to account for fair trade pricing by pretending I was a customer interested in a purchase of a high ticket item (like a refrigerator) to see if they were abiding by the rules. Was I lying? As that great truth-teller Bill Clinton would say, “It depends on what the meaning of “is” is.

  5. Ed Mechmann says:

    In your situation, I think it’s unlikely that you lied to the sales people in any way. You presented yourself in the store and asked for information about purchasing the item. You were authorized by your employer to do that, and the sales staff was probably informed at some point that they would be tested on whether they were following rules. The analogous situation is the teacher asking the students to answer a question. She’s not lying to them (e.g., by saying she doesn’t know the answer), she’s asking them to answer the question to see if they know the correct answer.