More Intolerance from the Forces of “Tolerance”

We keep on hearing, over and over again, in the media and the propaganda, that gay “marriage” proponents are asking for “tolerance” for their relationships.

Whatever merit there may be in that request, you have to wonder whether any of them has a passing familiarity with the Golden Rule. You know, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”?

A case in point is the ugly reaction of gay “marriage” supporters following the victory of Proposition 8 in California — the amendment to the California Constitution to preserve the traditional meaning of marriage against efforts to redefine it.

Hey, we can understand being upset with the election results. We certainly know how that feels. But no sooner were the results in on Prop 8 than nasty protests began, directed against the Mormon Church and various Evangelical Protestant Churches. Hateful things have been said about African-Americans who supported Prop 8. Religious services have been disrupted, peaceful Christian demonstrators have been assaulted. And some lunatic even sent an unidentified white powder to a Mormon Church, no doubt hoping that they would be terrorized by the possibility of anthrax infection.

This quote, attributed to a same-sex “marriage” supporter by a San Francisco paper, sums it up perfectly what has been unleashed: “They voted for hate, and that’s what we are going to give them”.

We can be certain that eventually they will turn to the favorite piƱata of the angry cultural revisionists — the Catholic Church. There is just something about the Church of Christ that some people can’t abide, especially when we preach the truth.

This intolerance of dissent isn’t limited to same-sex “marriage” proponents. Here in New York City, we’re facing a new bill before the City Council that is aimed at chilling the free speech rights of sidewalk counselors outside abortion clinics. Intolerant of the possibility that anyone could disagree with their “choice”, the abortion industry and its tame legislators are seeking to frighten pro-lifers — most of whom only want to pray — into going away and shutting up. Free speech for me, but not for thee — and, given the realities of the City Council, there’s little that can be done to stop it.

The saddest thing about this is that the Church isn’t intolerant of homosexual persons or of women who seek abortions. We embrace them. The apostolate Courage offers hope to those who reject the “gay” way of life and want to live chastely, even with their same-sex attraction — just like the rest of us sinners. And there are many, many ways in which we reach out to women contemplating abortion or suffering from its aftermath, as well as the new moms and their babies. Just check out the Sisters of Life if you want to know all about it.

If there’s anything that we should have learned in the two millennia of our Church history, it’s that authentic Christian discipleship always involves some level of martyrdom — being a witness for God’s truth, and suffering for it, even to the point of persecution.

We need to be ready for it. It may be coming, sooner than we think.

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