Turning the Tables on the Culture of Death

In the last several weeks, two women have given us fine examples on how to turn the tables on the Culture of Death by doing a very simple thing — exposing the truth about abortion.

Our first truth-teller is Catherine Davis, the minority-outreach director for Georgia Right-to-Life.  An African-American, Ms. Davis looked into the impact of abortion on blacks and was horrified at what she found — although blacks make up only 13% of the American population, they have almost 40% of abortions, and almost 40% of black pregnancies end in abortion.

Her response was to start going to black churches and communities, and talking about this little-known truth.  The reaction has been striking, as blacks have reacted in horror to what is happening in their families.

Her most recent effort has garnered a lot of attention, even in the mainstream media.  A series of billboards have been put up in the Atlanta with the provocative statement, “Black children are an endangered species”, and a Web site, www.toomanyaborted.com.  The news media has reacted by reporting on the “racial controversy”, but it has enabled Ms. Davis to get her point across.

Good for her.

Our second truth-teller is Lila Rose, who has released the latest of her series of video exposes of what goes on in Planned Parenthood abortion clinics when she goes in, posing as a pregnant teenager made pregnant by an adult. You can view her videos at her website, Live Action.

She has consistently found that the clinic workers tell teenage girls to lie about the age of the men who got them pregnant, to evade laws requiring them to report incidents of statutory rape.  They also give advice on how to evade laws requiring parental notification when a minor seeks an abortion.  These exposes have actually led to some investigations of Planned Parenthood clinics.

Good for her.

Unfortunately, the rampant lawlessness of Planned Parenthood hasn’t stopped them from enjoying public favor and large amounts of government funding.  Maybe that would change if they were a car maker with faulty accelerators instead of an organization that corrupts young people with wicked “sex education” and kills a quarter of a million children each year.

These incidents highlight once again that our greatest weapon in fighting the Culture of Death is the truth.  And that individuals can make a difference in the cause of life by standing up and speaking the truth.

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